How to Finance Living Expenses and School

  1. I am a 31 year old living in Miami, FL who would like to become a nurse. I have a 16 month old daughter and limited finances. I'm technically not a single mom, because even though we're not married, her father lives in the household. I've been trying to go to school for years now, but finances have prevented it. Enough is enough now and there has to be a way. I hold a B.A. in Theater Arts (liberal arts) earned in 2001. I would be looking for an accelerated option or transitional option. I have most pre-reqs taken care of due to my previous BA and a couple of classes taken years ago. I need an Anatomy, micro and chem class to qualify for admission into a nursing program. My biggest obstacle will be supporting my daughter/paying for living expenses while in school as I hear that financial aid will pay for tuition and books at best. Does anyone have any advice on how to "make it" through nursing school since you are encouraged not to work due to the intensity of the program? I WILL do this, it's just about how to do this.
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  3. by   86toronado
    One option is to get student loans to help you out with your living expenses. It's not a great option since in this economy it can take you months (or years) to land your first nursing job, and those loans will still come due when you graduate...
    Another option (the one that I chose) was to work during school. It's not ideal, but lots of places will help you out with your tuition expenses if you work for them when you graduate. Where my husband works in addition to paying all of his school costs, they pay him full time hours, but he only has to work 24 hours a week. In return he has to work for them for four years when he graduates.
    My advice would be research the tuition assistance programs at all of your local healthcare facilities, and find a way to make a job fit into your school plan.
  4. by   FLmomof5
    I continued working FT. I was lucky because I was laid off for 3 months....just as applications for Worksource were processed. Worksource paid for Tuition, Books and assundry other items! I was rehired by the same company that laid me off, so I worked FT and did FT nursing school.

    If you are not employed, I would look to worksource....but I am not sure how they handle it if you quit your job to go to school. Also, as long as your student loans were paid back from your 1st degree, you can get student loans (Stafford).