Hoping to get into Nova, but had to repeat a science course?

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    i am currently a 2nd year student at mdc and i'm really close to finishing up my pre-requisite courses in order to start applying to nursing schools in south florida. i really hope to get into nova or the mdc nursing program for the baptist scholarship programs that they both offer, although i would prefer to get into nova because they offer bsn while mdc only offers adn. i have a 3.55 gpa and have gotten nothing short of a's and b's in all of my pre-reqs...except for one course.

    in my first semester of college, i was struggling with my anatomy 1 lab class and earned a d (only in the lab though...i got an a in the lecture class.) however, i repeated the course and earned an a the second time around. i am now in anatomy 2 lecture and lab and am doing very well in both of those classes. i fully expect to pass with flying colors. i have taken human growth and development and chemistry lecture+lab and passed both of those too.

    anatomy 1 lab has been my only repeated course ever, but since it's a science course (and science courses are important for acceptance into nursing schools) i am extremely worried that this will affect my chances of getting into any nursing school, especially nova.

    is that the case? has anyone gotten into nova with a repeated pre-req science course? do i still stand a chance? i know barry and fiu are really strict about repeats..

    again i have a 3.55 gpa and only expect it to get higher after i'm finished with the rest of my courses...if i have a really good gpa, does repeating one science course automatically mean rejection?

    thank you all for listening! i've been freaking out about this for a realllllyyy long time.
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  3. by   chicagoing
    I would contact an admissions counselor at Nova. According to the Entry Level BSN Admissions Requirements page, "Applicants must have completed all prerequisite courses with a grade of C or higher. No grades of D, F, or W will be accepted for science courses."

    I didn't find any information on repeated classes and how they may affect your chances of gaining admission.
  4. by   jillybean0514
    Thank you for replying. I know barry and FIU are strictly against repeats, but Nova's website mentions nothing about repeated courses. I've been so nervous about this for months, i feel like that one lab class is going to stop me from being a nurse one day I will definitely contact an admissions counselor.
  5. by   nini1987
    Hey jillybean I'm wondering what happened when you contacted the advisor. I'm kind of in the same boat
  6. by   KrystleH416
    Hello everyone,

    I have applied to Nova's fall program and Im not feeling to good about getting in my gpa just makes the required gpa.
    So I feel very doubtfull. Does anyone have any knowledge regarding how they select people?
    Also more importantly is the tuition!!!! How is it possible to afford the tuition without being super rich!!! Im trying to avoid student loans at all costs!! Can anyone help!!!!
  7. by   willmakeadifference
    well i just start this week at Nova for the BSN program. I applied for Baptist scholar but i didn't get it, (and I had a 3.8 GPA from my AA at MDC and all A’s in my science classes), for the Baptist it is not about your grades, is all about how well you sell yourself in the interview with them. So i had to rely on student loans, grants, and scholarships to afford the tuition which by the way they raised this year to 23000 a year (only tuition). Is a really good program, everything looks new, the faculty and staff so far very helpful, but at the same time is a very difficult program, in our advanced anatomy and physiology class (which is a killer) about 10 out of 30 student that didn't pass the class on January joint us with the hope of pass it this time. Again is one of the best BSN programs in south Florida, but it comes with a high price. Good look, and feel free to ask any question. Go Sharks