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<sigh>:banghead: Ok, I'm sure you've heard this plenty of times....but I can't obtain a job as a new graduate. I tested and passed my boards since July 29. I am so frustrated and disheartened by the... Read More

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    what about the hospitals where you did your clinicals - do you have any connections there? Clinicals is the BEST TIME to network and meet people and try to get a job. I got my first job out of school on a floor I did clinicals on - I worked my ass off, introduced myself to the supervisor and all of the nurses, made the nurses/CNAs my friends on Facebook and told them I WANT TO WORK HERE WHEN I GRADUATE pretty much every shift. I showed them that I could work hard and was open to learning. I got that job.

    So, if you are in school, NETWORK NETWORK NETWORK. It is truly not what you know, but WHO you know.

    Good luck people!
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    Yeah well good luck getting into the VA. That's where everyone would like to be--everyone with an interest in security, good training, good benefits, good pay, etc. that is.

    Try corrections (jails and prisons). They are all required by law to have medical personnel and I found them much safer places to work in than mental hospitals, for example.
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    Check out opportunities in corrections, would be my best advice.

    And you are corrrect that Florida is always one of the very lowest-paying states for nurses, year after year.
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    Quote from BChapp3182
    I know your pain! I am a new grad nurse practitioner and got my license in Aug, been looking for a job every day since and NOTHING!! It's depressing. I've even started applying to jobs in Orlando, Tampa area (I live in broward), decided I would commute up there to do shift work if I could get it, rent a small apartment even. Still nothing.

    It's Florida and the bad economy. Plus there are too many nurses here from what a recruiter told me. Too many nurses and too few jobs. My classmate moved to TX, had a job in 5 weeks making $90k at a retail clinic, that same job here pays $15k LESS, yet the cost of living here is almost 20% MORE!! I don't know how the employers get away with it. I guess because they know if we say, I won't work for such a low wage there are 10 people behind us who will...
    Check out corrections nursing.
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    Hiya, Im a canadian and will be moving to Miami this summer to pursue an RN at MDC, then plan to upgrade to BSN. I get 1 year to work in the states after completing my RN, and am wondering about job prospects as well.

    I am a Registered Massage Therapist and completed a 2 year program here in Canada, I have been working in a therapeutic setting alongside physios and chiros for the past 2 years doing rehab/remedial/sports massage, so have clinical experience and a solid knowledge base already. I am also currently working on completing Yoga Teacher Training.

    Do you all think that this kind of experience will give me an edge when applying for jobs? I understand that massage education in the states is pretty limited - Ontario and BC have the highest level of required education for MTs in the world, clocking in at 2000 hours. I've also kept up with training and have taken a variety of other courses since getting my license. Im hoping to make the most out of my 1 year work experience term and land a good job! I am hoping that recruiters wont poo poo my massage background, as it was a pretty intense schooling experience....(I just watched "The Client List" with Jennifer Love Hewitt and cringed all the way through!)
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    im considering to move to fort lauderdale after i finish my absn next year...ive found a bunch of articles conducted by the Florida Center for Nursing, claiming 15000 shortage of nurses in guys finding this to be true? thrue various searches im finding a handful of Fl hospitals accepting new grad residency guys finding any luck out there?

    Survey Reveals Florida Needs More Nurses CBS Miami

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