Health Insurance?

  1. Can you share what you are paying for your family health insurance coverage and dental and vision? Moving to Fl and hoping to have an estimate of how much will be taken out of my check every pay. I am guessing everyone is pretty much on a biweekly pay. Does anyone get a weekly paycheck anymore? Feel free to PM if you don't want to put iit out there. Thank You!
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  3. by   newbtonursing
    The amount of Health Insurance premiums taken out of your paycheck will likely depend upon how much your employer is willing to pay into it. For Instance; I pay 88$ month for myself, with dental and vision, because my employer pays A LOT into it.

    Employers might even offer different levels of Insurance, such as Core, Premium or Ultra coverage, each having different costs and out of pocket percentages.

    If I were to cover my chidren under my employers insurance, the cost of my monthly premium would jump to over $500.

    I have my children enrolled in The Florida Kidcare Program, which is income based Low cost Healthcare Insurance, because I cannot afford to cover them through my employer. My premium for my two kids, at their highest monthly premium is $266 for both.

    My husband's Insurance premiums are MUCH higher through his employer by several hundred dollars. His employer does not pay much into it AT ALL. If he were to cover all of us, the cost monthly would be well over $1200.oo!

    Not sure if this helps much, but I would look into the Kidcare program.
  4. by   dewebob
    Looking for health insurance for a nurse of 62 and is healthy and wants to work? Any ideas out there?