Has ANYONE attended Everest University??

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    Hi everyone!
    I have spent the past year struggling to get into an Accelerated second degree nursing program. I was turned down by 6 different schools now (for various reasons) but have found that you need to have around a 3.75 in order to qualify for an accelerated second degree prgm.
    I then began pursuing the CC colleges around here and found despite the 4 pre reqs I have already taken, I am still lacking in 4-6 more classes.
    I then found Everest and Stratford University, both of which base admission on your TEAS and/or HESI scores as well as overall GPA.
    I am at the point where I don't want to waste anymore time "waiting" to get in somewhere and just want to start, but there is a 20K price difference between the schools mentioned above and the CC.
    I have a good chance of getting into both schools, but don't know what to do if I actually get in!!

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    I did when they were NIT! Do they offer the RN program there??
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    THEY DO! It's a 2 yr Assoc degree prgm and it looks wonderful as they only allow 25 students in per semester.
    (my concern of course is the cost, and if I get in of course!)
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    I have no idea if you are still looking for info but here goes, The Brandon, FL campus is fantastic for the RN program. We are highly respected in the community because of our instructors and how we are expected to preform in the community.

    There are tons of ups and downs but in the end, none of our grads have failed the NCLEX-RN and none are out searching for work. They all get hired right away! We are also able to transfer out to other universities now.

    I know it is crazy expensive but I would not change for anything now. When we are in the hospitals, the nurses all rave about us and talk smack about the other schools. They love that we are begging for work and not hiding, that we jump in and do as much as we can in the amount of time we are allocated.

    Also, it is not a sure bet that the students will make it through the program just because you pay a ton of money. We started with 29 in April of last year and starting the fist day of the 2nd year we are now at 11. This program is not a joke.

    (Remember I am speaking for the Brandon,FL campus only)
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    THANK YOU SO SO MUCH for this information, I cannot thank you enough!!
    YES, I am still very much interested in attending, and once I hear if I am accepted (I was told I had a pretty good chance at the interview due to my HESI scores and GPA) than I am going to find a way to make it happen.

    I LOVE the fact that the classes are smaller, and that there is more one on one, I learn so much better in this type of environment.

    I have gotten so little info from the CC here in VA and everyone expects you to have different pre reqs, so after a year of trying to accommodate what they want I am no closer to getting in.

    How far along are you in the program?

    In all honesty, the only way I will be able to make this all happen is if I work while attending school, do you feel that is unrealistic?

    THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH AGAIN for all of your input!!!

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    As far as working while in school, it is a 50/50 deal. I am not working but other work and are making it. In the first couple of quarters you will be fine but as the program progresses, you lose more and more time.

    I am in my 5th quarter of the night program, we started out 4 nights a week from 6-10 and that was it,

    Now we are in all 5 nights. Mon-Tue is 4-10 and Wed-Thur is 2:30 to 11 for clinicals and Friday night is 6-10 for sociology.

    The one on one is available if you take advantage of it but because you have so much work to do there is very little time to mess with it.

    Remember, you are going to be pushed to the max, you will not begin to feel comfortable until from what I understand to be the 7th quarter. I am still beside myself most of the time. We are not talking about a slack program but again, out in the real world, the actual nurses on the floor say if they are sick and in the hospital, they want our students/graduates as their nurses.

    Good luck and if you get in, never give up!!!! 4th quarter is HELL! Pharm and Med-Surg at the same time is no joke. We lost 7 people on the Friday before finals because they withdrew so they didn't get an F on their transcripts.
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    I can't thank you enough for all of the information that you have shared with me. It's good to know what I am getting myself into!

    I didn't want to have to worry about working while going to school, but my loans will only cover the cost of school, and nothing beyond that.

    I would SO much rather the program be hard so that when we get out into the "real" world it won't feel so overwhelming!

    I truly do appreciate all that you have shared with me, have you decided at this point what type of nurse you would like to be?

    Thank you again so much, and BEST of luck to you!!!

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    No I have not decided the kind of nurse I want to be. I do know that as time moves along, I want to finish my formal education time as a PA in a surgical setting or in the ER.

    As far as being a nurse goes, I will probably work on a med/surg floor for at least 2 years so I can get the basics under control before I go out into some of the higher risk areas. I know there are varying opinions about this but that is my plan at the moment.
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    Well I give you TONS of credit my dear, hats off to you!!

    When will you be graduating again?

    Thank you again so much for your post!!
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    We graduate in April 2012. We are the first night program for Everest U. The Brandon FL campus was the first nursing program for Everest U as a whole.

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