Has anyone applied to Florida Hospital Feb/March new grad? - page 4

Would like to see if anyone has gotten any application status changes or calls. Mine has said "application under initial review" for about 3 weeks. Anyone else?... Read More

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    I applied for the March 2013 program on 1/23/13 and mine currently says "Application under initial review."

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    Mine also says "under initial review" Has anyone seen this any gotten denied? Or Does that usually mean you get a phone interview? It has said that for about a month. I hope I get in the March Program, I graduated in July, and having a hard time finding a job. Any advice is greatly appreciated :-) Thanks
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    Mine said under initial review for about two weeks. I got my "thanks but no thanks" email today, without ever even getting a phone interview.
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    Quote from campercass
    Mine said under initial review for about two weeks. I got my "thanks but no thanks" email today, without ever even getting a phone interview.
    I'm sorry, where else are you applying to?
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    how do i apply to the program
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    Quote from yanes2012
    how do i apply to the program
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    merrr i interviewed for two Feb jobs and didnt get either, i am sadfaced. :'( but, i think you guys whose application says "under initial review" are okay. seeing that others have gotten rejection e-mails, i would assume that you didn't get one for a reason. i dont know when they start interviewing for the march positions and i dont even know what positions are open. i asked HR and the most they would say is "there are several" although im pretty sure there are no peds or women's spots because most, if not all, of the peds jobs are at FH for Children in the orlando campus and i read in one of the GN informationals that orlando campus will only have GN programs in Feb, july, and october. so i am guessing the march positions are for the other hospitals. as for women's, late last December HR said that they hadnt gotten word of any womens openings at the moment and i was also never put in any kind of womens pool (i applied last year and was put into one). again, i dont know anything for certain so i wouldnt take this as 100% fact
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    I also graduated in the summer (June) and have had no luck with any hospitals, I'm currently working at a nursing home. It would be a dream come true to have even an interview.
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    Mines said under review since December 21 when I applied, but it says "updated jan 10th" not sure what that means....
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    i think you are okay, i have even been through 2 interviews and mine still says under initial review. lol

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