Galen tampa bay hopefuls?!

  1. Is anyone applying for galen -tampa bay rn program for July class?!
    I flew over 2 weeks ago to check out the campus and took the entrance exam ..The school looked great ! very new & clean ..
    I passed the test and scored 118 .. I dont know its competitive enough though....
    hmm... i wish i get in...
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  4. by   DowntheRiver
    You should be fine. I just started Quarter 2 this week. I studied my butt off and made a 4.0 last semester. Just make sure you come to class and pay attention. In 3 months I've already made more than a handful of friends and study buddies. Let me know if you need help finding textbooks or your way around!
  5. by   Red35

    I'm thinking of attending Galen as well for the July class...I was studying for the TEAS but I guess Galen uses another test?

    Is anyone attending Galen currently? I have a bachelors degree already and this is a career change. Any assistance will be appreciated!
  6. by   DowntheRiver
    What would you like to know? I was also a student returning to school after graduating with my Bachelor's from FSU. So far, it has worked out great! Galen uses the PAX-RN. If you're in the Tampa Bay/St. Pete area and would like to borrow the book I used please let me know.
  7. by   stephalina6
    I'm thinking about Galen in St Pete as well - my sister in law actually just got accepted and starting in July. I have my BS from USF in Business Management so this is a career change as well. Right now I'm doing the AP 1&2, Micro, Nutrition, and Life Span at PHCC, hopefully finish that by the end of Spring. I really wanted to get my BS at USF again in Nursing but I don't think my GPA is strong enough, plus I can't afford to be rejected 2 or 3 times either.... so I was considering Galen also.

    But after I get my RN and get working and want to go for my BS at USF for Nursing - would any of these classes transfer?? I didn't think so but I'm not sure. I have an email into USF Nursing asking but just curious as to what you all might know.

    I was also thinking of Keiser - so curious as to why you all chose Galen over Keiser.

    I want to join Galen because it will all be quick to get the RN - my husband and I don't have children but it's been a very hot topic in our house...would like to wait but I'm 28 and he's 30 - we don't want to wait any longer.

    Anyway...... Galen is quick and from what I've read the ones that are at Galen have nothing but nice things to say. However, I want to do this right since I'm considering the BSN at USF one day.

    Any thoughts? =\
  8. by   asaka6
    dear. futureprice

    Im sorry i saw your post really late... yes.. i got accepted to galen and so far I love being a student here.
    I took my last final today and just found out that i got 4.0 for 1st quarter....
    i was wondering, if you took A&P2 online, how was it?
    Do you recommend it? or should i take onsite...?
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  9. by   erica1223
    How well did you do on the practice test in the book im getting 40 out of 60 right.. I take the test in three weeks.
  10. by   erica1223
    Yay so I took my pax passed and got accepted into the Jan class. Where can I find first quater books for a reasonable price?