FSU Accelerated BSN 2014 Applicants

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    Hi everyone! Has anyone else applied to Florida State University's accelerated nursing program?

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    I have and I'm so anxious to hear back! I don't think we will be hearing from them till about march or so?
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    same here!
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    Yes, looks like March it is!
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    I called the nursing dept. today and letters for the accelerated program will be mailed this week. Good luck everyone!!!!
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    Thats great news!!! Any idea when this week? Probably end of the week?
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    wooo! Thanks for the update!

    Did you happen to ask if they give information over the phone? I live overseas and the mail takes forever!
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    No I didn't ask if they will give the info. over the phone, but I will check today. I also don't know exactly when the letters will be mailed out this week.
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    I called them yesterday as well and the woman told me "within the next week or so" so they may not necessarily be going out this week but fingers crossed! good luck everyone.
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    I spoke with a nursing advisor when I called. I am so anxious to know and I am sure all of you feel the same as well. Again, I wish everyone the best!!!!!!

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