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Hello to all, I'm interested in the ASN program at fnc. I would like to know the opinions from the current students and grads. I contacted the adm. office and this is what they mention to me. The program is regionally... Read More

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    Yeah for 2 months, Di you already went to the orientation? when you do please let me know how it is! i cant wait to start. Im hoping maybe i can start in may

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    No I have not gone yet. I'm going to the school on tuesday to turn in paperwork ( license, diplomas, etc) and i think they will tell me about orientation then? do you know when it is lol? I have no idea! How did you find out you got accepted into the nursing and what did they tell you about the orientation? srry so many questions, i'm just a bit confused
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    I did my teas Test, i got and 86 % and then i submitted all my paperwork from MDC and later that week i had the interview and that same day they told me i was accepted for 8/12 , as for the orientation i have no idea how does it works Leonardo maybe can help you with that dont worry we all have millions of questions hopefully all those question are answered during orientation lol I'm always on constant communication with my student rep to make sure I'm on the right path.
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    Thats great! so i just found out that I will also be starting in Aug 2012, and I' ve been put on the wait list for May. I have to do my anatomy I and Nutrition, and I was going to you (RstudentRS) how are the classes online? YOu had said it was easy, but I just wanted to make sure, because i'll do them online as well. Im very excited to start! I start my 2 science classes in january and nursing core hopefully in may or august!
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    Well we are on the same boat now , hopefully we can be in the same group in may or Aug .
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    One of my friends that was accept for May , just received a call to start in Jan 2012 so we have hope lol
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    Is nutrition consider to be one of the science that have to be passed w/t a B or higher?
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    well i have greats news last week the call me and i have orientation on Friday November 11 , i am going to start the program in January 2012 , soo if somebody out there can give me advise .
    superr happppppppppppppppppppppppppyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy yyyy and nervoussssssssssssss
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    Thats great! I am so confused with this process! I start in january, and I haven't been called for the FNC orientation, I feel like I'm the one trying to keep up with them. Also I tried to create a new account on my FNC portal and it says my information is invalid. I paid today the registration fee and everything so I'm assuming they haven't inputted my infer into the system yet. HELP!!! did it take long for anyone to create their account???\

    HOw long after you applied and met with your advisors, did they call you and tell you orientation dates? I'm so lost!!!
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    Yes it is.

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