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Hello to all, I'm interested in the ASN program at fnc. I would like to know the opinions from the current students and grads. I contacted the adm. office and this is what they mention to me.... Read More

  1. by   mylittlenursing
    Ok! I just finished my second semester and it was a little challenged. Yes Leonardo you have to have $350 for ati's, which are test, books are depends buy them in amazon.com

    cpe0619 peds and OB are easy. It is the same book half is peds, half is OB.
    MED SUR is challenged but it is smooth, Amador was my professor for pharmacology and med sur1. And she is great.
    Now I am moving to my 3rd semester and will finish in December 2011.

    Amador is going to be med sur 2. We have psycho, and research I don't know who is going to be our professor

    Med sur 1 and 2 use the same book half and half too

    clinicals are getting harder and harder. And Oneida the director is not letting anyone to make changes and people are having a lot of difficulties with work and family.

    If you have any question let me know I am here to help
  2. by   yanes2011
    woow thanks girl thanks for the help , i know about a lot of people that talks about the clinical and the problemss with the schedule , but my point of view is that some people have to undesrtand that we need to work to support ourselfs , that there are a lot of student that nedd to work , like my case , i cannot quick my job , because y support my house. so let see what happen , myllitlenursing if you want add me on facebook ok i would love to have a fried like you , okkk jus indetify yourself if you are going to add me . i saw the the other day a lot of student of nursing in south campus , it was in the mornig they were taking i think pharmacology examn, o my godd i feeel a little jealousy jajajaja. well take care girl
  3. by   RNstudentRS
    hi mylittlenursing,
    well first congrats you are almost done can you please tell me a lil bit about how was or is your schedule and where is your class doing clinical. overall how is it so far. i cant wait to start good luck with everything
  4. by   mylittlenursing
    hi everybody yes! I just finished the second semester and I am very happy, the last day final hands on: math calculation 20 questions, again head to toe assessment and 2 clinical stations.
    leonardoaguila yes for the 3rd semester we have to choose between clinical and family or work. everybody is mad with Oneida "the director", I think they are going to replace her because she is very unprofessional and she makes new rules every second. be careful with her. she likes when everybody is in panic and she loves to see students cry. and as you; everybody has to work, but she does not understand even she has other job in other hospital. people with kids she does not understand and from now on changes between students are not allowed it. when we started it everything was amazing because we help each other and she was not the director she was just a simple assistant, please get together with ur classmates since the first day of class and fight because you are paying a lot of money and every school in Miami has flexibility with clinical except Florida National College. and then they want us to do the bachelors there. let me tell you; no one in my class is going to do it there just for the reason of Oneida. I am sorry I don’t have a face book page cuz I am very busy

    RNstudentRS clinicals the first semester were really good you can change them, move to group to group. it was a lot of flexibility, the second semester Oneida the ex assistant and new director started changing everything around. the second semester people were imploring in their knees and she changed some people and no others depend of her mind. for the 3rd semester we are very scare she said no more changes; any day of the week at any hour is going to be a clinical. people with kids and jobs and other compromises are crying and suffering. but do not worry she is going to get fired very soon. as a told to the first blogger get together since the first day, find friends in class and send a letter to the school because we cannot tolerate this behavior for so irresponsible person as Oneida the director is.
  5. by   yanes2011
    wooww mylittlenursing verdaddd k me ha encantando tu post. eso me a abierto un poco mas los ojos pk de verass k oneida si is a big girl pero no seee see , ojala y lass cosass cambienn, sii yo vii a ustedess haciendo el examen de mathematicass , ese dia yo estaba ahy en el pasillo , me alegro por ti k salistess bienn , graciass cuidateee y veamoss k pasaa , eso si la escuela es superr expensivee , so deberian tenerr un poko de consideracion con las clinicasss.
  6. by   RNstudentRS
    @ Leonardoaguila we are in the same speech class
  7. by   yanes2011
    i need help i am going to star the nursing program in january , but i need somebody to help mi with the orientation , please i need to know what you need to have done before januray for example , CPR, OCHA , ETC i need a full list with details. if somebody is already in the program and remember all the detail of the orientation , please dont exciate to writte me ok i really needed and apreciate. also i dont know why 1000 dollar to buy what ??????
  8. by   yanes2011
    what books are used the first semester of nursing.and please let me know when we have to get them . and how many chapter are for the first test.is necessary to get the books before the semesters starts. pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee help meeeee this going crazyyyyyyyyyy
  9. by   mylittlenursing
    ok 1000 dollars for ATI books, drug test, cards for hospitals some , others u have to pay again but it is just 5 dollars, id's, chequeo medico, among others that i don't remeber, not u have to pay ur fisical examination.

    orientiencion is boring just the rules and regulations. they explain better what is the money for.
    books buy they in amazon a lot of shipper

    first semester famacology, fundamentals, assesment. get your calculations ready and head to toe assessment in ur heart because is going to hunt u in the future
  10. by   roxannagonzalez2113
    Hello everyone,

    I'm starting the Nursing program at FNC and wanted a little info. I was in the Broward College Nursing program. Which was impossible to pass!!!!! Hopefully it goes better at FNC. I want to know how many times a week are the lectures and clinical days??? Also the books that they use the first semester. I know its fundamentals, but I wanted to know who the Author was. If someone can post the names of the books please. So I can start reading the chapters. I know how intense the program can be :0) Thank you
  11. by   raquel6687
    HI everyone! so I was reading everyone posts because I was also curious about the school. I heard it's a good school. I am going today to turn in a copy of the TEAS test that I took at Keiser University. Is there a minimum score FNC requires.? I'm supposed to meet up with the dean to see if he will accept my scores ( I hope they do because I studied so hard for that test and I do not want to take it again... i got a 76%) I see theres a waiting list but I would love to be accepted for one of the upcoming classes. I did my AA at MDC and I am currently at UM dong my BA in biology. SO let's see what happens. good luck to all of you
  12. by   nonyrn
    hi raquel6687

    how did it go w/t the school? also, did they accept the teas from keiser?
  13. by   raquel6687
    It went alright. Yes they did accept the TEAS from keiser. They told me that they will let me know ASAP if I got in or not ( i had an interview today) I'm kind of nervous because i do have 3 C's in the pre-reqs and I know they want students who have not taken any classes to stat first. It's very competitive, but let's see what will happen. Ill keep you updated