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Hello to all, I'm interested in the ASN program at fnc. I would like to know the opinions from the current students and grads. I contacted the adm. office and this is what they mention to me.... Read More

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    Does anybody know when the orientation for spring of 2013 is???????
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    Hello I'm a transfer student from FIU and MDC.

    I was offered to start the Bachelor's in Nursing (directly) instead of doing the Associates, but after reading some of your comments I'm confused.... I Need Advice!!
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    Hello Everyone, I notice this thread was created 2 years ago and I would like to ask a few questions. I recently got accepted at this university and I would like to know if anyone pass there nclex, how was the clinical, did you get a job after school and how long after school did it take you to get a job? Any reply would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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    Dakaylie: Why did you transfer over here from FIU and MDC? I know this is an old post, but I was just wondering what would make you transfer? I have 2 pre reqs left to enter the Nursing Core part of the program at FNU, and have actually caught myself lingering back and forth to whether I should stay, or transfer over to either FIU or MDC. Can you give me some input on your decision, and what did you end up doing? If you entered FNU's Nursing Program, what has your experience been like? I'd love to know. Thanks!
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    nonyrn: If you were to read this, could you tell me what lead you to going to MDC? I'm kind of stuck in the middle of FNU and MDC. MDC's enterance exam requirements are a bit more strict, and the acceptance to the program takes a little longer; but it's still an option for me. I'm a bit worried about books at FNU. I was just recently told that FNU's nursing students don't get books covered by financial aid, yet we are recommended not to work during our core class part of the program. I'm confused. Just need feedback before making an ultimate decision.

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