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Hello to all, I'm interested in the ASN program at fnc. I would like to know the opinions from the current students and grads. I contacted the adm. office and this is what they mention to me.... Read More

  1. by   nuesemed
    Yanes,I was reading your post and I got a question. Maybe u can help me out. Is the first test basic math or actual conversion problems on medication administration? Thanks. Just want to be ready
  2. by   yanes2012
    is conversion problems , so dont worry to much if you study the problems that they give you in orientation you will be fine. try to remember the conversion table like , kg to pounds , oz to lb , etc ml to Liter etc
  3. by   nuesemed
    Hi.....congrats on finishing the program. I just started the program but I wanted to know if you passed the NCLEX?
  4. by   yanes2012
    i didn't finished yet i just finished my 1 semester .
  5. by   gsamanez
    I have a question..? If i get my associates in nursing at florida national college, would i be able to transfer to f.i.u to get my bachelor in nursing
  6. by   yanes2012
    yesssssss you can go to fiu without any problems
  7. by   geisy1840
    Hiiiii!!! My name is Geisy Im applying to FNU to start in the Spring 2013. I can use all thje help i can get. Please!!. I took the Kaplan and passed it, and i already submited all the paper(aplication ect). I will like to know about the program, the teachers, how does it work pleaseee!!! Thank you
  8. by   geisy1840
    Hi all!! Im currently in the application process for FNU nursing program that starts in jan 2013. I will like some info. If i get accepted what the acceptance fee that i have to pay. Cn anyone tell me their experience please!! I need some guidence pls... Thankssss
  9. by   Ryoliz
    Don't cheat your way through is the best advise!! You WILL NOT PASS YOUR NCLEX AND YOU WILL BE A HORRIBLE NURSE IF YOU DO!!!Unfortunately a lot of people here want things the easy way. Thank God the administration is making changes for the incoming students so hopefully now, we can actually get some smart people in here. This program has so much potential and has REALLY good professors... As soon as all the lazy students get out. From what I hear, the new students who started in May 2012 are smarter, so hopefully it gets better but that's only because they got tougher with them.I'm about to start my last semester ( i transferred from another school) and I'm ready to get out of here!! I can't take the stupidity here much longer. Congrats on passing the Kaplan!! Because from what I know, THAT test can't be "bought". Your class will have a new type of students who want to learn. Don't fight against the professors... Remember they are here to help us! This school and professors are great as long as we appreciate their knowledge.It's an extremely accelerated course and it isn't for weak or lazy people. Good Luck!!!!!!
  10. by   Ryoliz
    And for your own good, don't even look at all the previous comments in this thread. These students are a joke. Amazing actors jajajaj. Rejoicing like they REALLY passed thier ATI's on their own. In my class maybe 4 ppl are actually smart. We lost so many people along the way. If you're the type of person who likes things easy, this is your wake up call....FNC or FNU whatever you want to call it, is cracking down on lazy ppl. My class has 1 more semester to go, but we're all going to be watching the new ppl to see how they do. Sorry if I scare you. Welcome to nursing school. No lazy people allowed!
  11. by   geisy1840
    Thanks for the info!!! I really appreciate it, and no im not lazy lol.
  12. by   geisy1840
    hi yanes2012. I applied for jan 2013 and i would like to know what your experience has been in this school so far:
    Are the teachers good?
    Hows financial aid?
    What do you recommend that i do before starting in january?
    Sorry, i know its a lot of questions, im just very confuse!!

    Thank you!
  13. by   yanes2012
    is true about dont cheat , but please do not try to point with the same finger to everybody , okk i am in my second semester ,going to my third and i had never cheat in any exam i fail my first 2 exam of each courses , but then i spoke with the professor and they teach me how to improve my weakness. ok i am very extremely dedicated to this career and i am super responsible , but that does not mean that everyone cheat ok . in my class we were 32 student now we are just 23 . a lot of friend fails and a lot people get good grades . my class south 1212 is a very smart class , we have extremely good professor , like idania as clinicas, pedicatrics with ovidio etc , and those class were super hard . i fail a lot of examn and i pass because y work my ass of to get good grades .i agree with you that there is a lot of people cheating themselves but they cannot cheat on boards .is true dont fight against the professor , they are really prepare and they know the stuff .