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Hello to all, I'm interested in the ASN program at fnc. I would like to know the opinions from the current students and grads. I contacted the adm. office and this is what they mention to me. The program is regionally... Read More

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    I might have a lot of questiOns but I feel you guys are able to answer me better than whoever I speak too. Noone in this school has told me the process or anything. They seem like they don't know, and it's kind of frustrating. I thought that being accepted into the program was taking the prereqs and then taking nursing, I was not aware they're would be a separate interview because I had my interview for nursing last month and told me I was accepted for Aug 2012. I start jan to finish the pre-reqs. Thanks for your help anyways though littlenursing!

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    now you are talking. yes you are accept it but with the conditions you have to pass ur preq. with A's or B's until then you are not going to have ur orientation when u pass everything and you are in the last year it is when you real nursing program starts.

    get A's and B's and you will be fine. good luck!!!
    they need nurses in this world.
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    You're right we do them!! Thanks for your help once again
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    I am a bit confused. Is there ASN program a LPN to RN program or can someone without nursing experience or a LPN license apply to the program? Also, if you have all your pre-reqs except ethics and college algerbra done can you still be accepted to the program?
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    ok, OMG!!!!
    You can be an LPN and do the one year RN program except in the first semester you take two classes not three, but you have to do your preq. like anatomy and phy etc.
    also one year for none experience people, with the prereq.
    and I am not sure about ethics or algebra i think u are accept it but u have to pass with B's and A's
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    people honestly i am freaking as hell , i am going to star NS next month , january the second and my nervous are really high lol , i dont know what to expect , i already star studying pharmacology and fundamental , a lot of information , al lot of drug calculation , in pharmacology i feel very confident cuase i work at a pharmacy and the doctors in charge always make me study and learn medication names , calculation and reaction etc , but fundamental i really like but iss uffff very veryy complicated , jajajaja well any advice .?
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    u are going to be fine do not worry

    hey good news i passed head to toe assessment today and the exit ATI
    Happy we started 30 people 22 finished
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    *winecongrats mylittlenursing!!!! When are you doing the NCLEX ?
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    thank you!!!! I am going to start the sanders the 15 of december, and other book i did not take the ati LIVE NCLEX. you have to take it and pay pay 350 extra. the thing is Iam broke and it was not included ,but some people are taking it. then live review with elionor something... lol, they said is the best becasue the revie is base in other students for exemple: 40 people took the test and send to leonor .... 6 question so they add those questions in the review, so it is king if chetting but not really lol.
    and then bebruary 30th Iam gonna take it. I do not want to wait a lot it is not recomemd it.
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    Omg !!!! Good Luck, Happy Holidays to you all !

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