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Has the Florida job market improve for new grads? A year ago, There was tons of post on AN about new grads with no job prospects. My friend with a new RN degree. He took a job @ SNF for $25, no benefits. Two of my friend's... Read More

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    I graduated in May and took boards Mid June. Immediately after I got my license number I started sending applications everywhere both palm beach county and dade county. Not even one call back. I received one email from a home health company that hires new grads but the pay is 16/hr. No one is hiring new grads. I was only looking to supplement my income part time because I already have a job I will be starting in August thru the organization that provided me a scholarship and guaranteed to give us jobs. I am so fortunate and forever grateful that I applied and received the scholarship because they are only giving jobs to those they sponsored. I suggest student nurses try to get a job during nursing school in a hospital as a tech or CNA to better their chances of finding a job after nursing school. Good Luck!

    i'm surprised they hire new grads because people I know has been telling me like there's no chance for me to get into home health. Reading this gave me hope though, low pay though but i would get this for eperience..still better than nothing. Can you tell me the name of the agency?...
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    Are any of you guys on this forum non-US citizens? I ask because I have a relative who's a nurse in Tampa who says that it is IMPOSSIBLE for non-US citizens to get a job in the US, contrary to what my other relatives who are also involved in the US healthcare industry in other states who say it is NOT IMPOSSIBLE for a non-US citizen to get a legal job as an RN - especially if he is a Nursing graduate from a US school. What is the actual situation there now?
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    Im a US citizen and I think that if its impossible for citizens to get a job it must be even harder for non us citizens. Let me re-phrase. Its very hard for new graduates to get a job right now. If your relative has tons of experience in nursing it may not be as hard. Times are tough though.
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    i'm not a citizen...I got a job before a citizen....who is stil not employed. They didnt ask me to show proof of citizenship/residency until after I got hired....
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    I've been waiting 8 months for my Florida Level 2 Background check to come back. Eight months is a long time to be out of work. I have no criminal background, no arrest record, never broken any law, never done drugs, served in the US Navy honorably for 6 six years. So much for being a veteran. Anyone know the address of the Governor of Florida? Who is above the Governor?