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    Anyone know what the group Florida Hospitals are like to work in? I have had a prelimary job offer in the Florida Hospital in Deland. When I go over in October hopefully (and to do my NCLEX) I will get some more interviews in other Hospitals as well. Any suggestions for what I should look out for in any hospital (I am from the UK - so new to all this!)



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    I graduated from FL. Hosp. School of Practical Nursing back in 1979. It was one of only a handful of private practical nursing schools left. I loved my program, I believe I got an excellent education and I think the Florida Hospital Systems are great. I only worked for them for a short time before I moved out of state but had no problems. They are run by the Seventh Day Adventist Church and religion is a big part of who they are...you DO NOT have to be SDA to work there or even be religious for that matter. I say "go for it".
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    Thanks for that Sueb...

    Just got back yesterday from Florida but failed my NCLEX...going back in feb..

    Got a firm offer at Deland and got another one at Vero Beach (Rehab at Healthsouth) - so have got to choose!!!

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