Florida hospital college/ Adventist Univerity

  1. 0 I would like to know if anyone has completed the BSN program at this school? I completed my associates degree at Seminole State and I will be attending this school in September to finish up some pre-reqs that I wasn't aware I still needed to complete such as religion, microcomputers, and Intro to professional nursing. I just wanted to know how hard it is to get into the actual nursing program once I am done with these pre-reqs? And is the program worth it since it is pretty expensive?
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    I was looking into the program as well, but what I am currently missing is those classes you mentioned along with inorganic and organic chemistry. If those two classes were not a requirement I would have applied to the NP. By the way, how much is the actual program if coming in as a transfer student? How long is the program? They have an Nursing info session coming in a month or so; I just wanted to know if you happened to know. I have many questions so I'm hoping any pass and/ or current student is able to share some of their insight about the program and info as well.
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