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    I applied for the fall of 2012 for florida International University and am just anxiously waiting for the answer if i got in. I have a 4.0 gpa, did some volunteer hours, my video came out alright :/ and pretty much passed my HESI so there's a good chance I might get in, if there is anyone out there that has done the program and or is currently in it could shed some light on how the program is. Also, advice if any on preparing before entering the program. Any information would be appreciated!

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    Hi there.

    I'm in the same boat - 4.0 GPA, passed the HESI, and am going crazy waiting for the letters/decisions to be sent out!!!!

    Hope to see you there next term!
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    Oh your most likely going to get in too!! I called and they say about three more weeks till they tell us something, its taking soo long the anxiety is building up lol, i shall hope to see you there too!
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    Here's hoping!!! If they keep this up though, I'm not going to have any nail-biting-room left!!!
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    Yeah they take soo long at first they said after the deadline it would be three weeks and now they just keep adding more, but there were lots of people that applied ahh!
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    Hello all,

    I also applied for FIU's fall 2012 nursing program. I'm a bit worried since I only have a 3.3 gpa which might not be high enough, but I did some community service and my video essay was okay too. We'll see what happens. But I wish the best for everyone.
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    ^^^ Likewise!!!
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    Don't count yourself out of the competition yet lol not many people have it high, i went to miami dade first for my AA so that's why i was able to keep it high, but alot of people from my NUR class in FIU had a varety of gpa's and hopefully your video showed off your personaility because it's weighted also to be considered... so goodluck to you too
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    lol okay thanks. did you guys apply to any other programs?
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    Well for me the previous year i applied to miami dade's nursing RN program and did pretty bad on the TEAS but suprisingly got accepted probably due to the fact of my good gpa and that some people decline some of their spots, but i said no thinking it was better to get a BSN in nursing so i put all my eggs in this basket lol
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