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I applied for the fall of 2012 for florida International University and am just anxiously waiting for the answer if i got in. I have a 4.0 gpa, did some volunteer hours, my video came out alright :/ and pretty much passed my HESI... Read More

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    Thank you, and CONGRATS!!!!!!!

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    Thank you
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    Hi guys

    I received a letter from fiu said:<< congratulations! I am pleased to inform that you have been admitted to florida international university for the fall 2012 into the Exploratory Nursing/ Health sciences program. >> Can someone clarify that for me? I don't really understand what is exploratory nursing. I will appreciate that greatly
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    I honestly am not sure.... Mine said, "I am pleased to inform you of your acceptance to the Generic Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program in the College of Nursing & Health Sciences at Florida International University for the Fall Semester 2012."
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    Thanks so much ! I will clarify that with them on monday but I am pretty sure that acceptance letter is not the generic . it will be fine because i am already taking the generic at BC . but is not a bachelor

    Thanks again !
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    sure thing =)
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    Hello!! I see this post is a few months old but i'm really desperate! I absolutely dream with getting into fiu generic bsn program 2013... I have a 3.67 and i've been a pharmacy tech for 2 years now... I was just hoping you guys can share your stories on how you got in(gpa, hesi, and healthcare experience! Thank you for your time
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    Is it true fiu has an Lpn-bsn program???? If so has anyone heard anything.about it? How long it is? The level of difficulty? Anything???

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