FCCJ/FSCJ LPN Admissions Spring 2010 - page 3

:twocents: FYI: you know how they tell us that they can take 6-8 weeks to make decisions on acceptance into the LPN program...well, I called the north campus nursing department last week and was told... Read More

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    I've already got all my prereqs. the thing that sucks is the only thing I can do is take the NAT again. And with the LPN program I just have to keep taking classes and more classes to get my gpa up. I already have my assoc. in science and I guess I'm going to get one in arts too.

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    I am also planning on applying for the FSCJ LPN program and was wondering if anyone knows of a graduate of the program. It would be so helpful to speak with someone who actually went through the program.

    I know this LPN program is certified by the Florida Dept of Health, but the most recent pass rate for this particular program graduates' LPN state test was 66%.

    It also sounds really difficult to get into it. I didn't realize that over 300 people were applying to get in.

    Does anyone know a graduate of the FSCJ LPN Program?
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    Do the RN program rather than the LPN program. It is only one semester longer and will take you so much further in life. You are significantly shorting and hampering yourself by doing less.
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    Hi everyone I'm waiting for my acceptance/denial letter for May 2013, I applied with 9.625, hopefully I'll get in!!

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