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Anyone out there that is applying to start the FAU Nursing program in May 2013? I have submitted my application for the accelerated program. It is the only program I am applying for so I am really hoping to receive an acceptance... Read More

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    MrsLucky, do you mind if I ask what your stats were?
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    Has anyone heard anything about the grant?
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    Hi. Yes, I finally went into and spoke to Dr. D - no grant. I'm sorry - lets try our very best for next year. Good luck everyone...
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    Hi OctoberSongs I had 3.85 sciences and a 99th percentile TEAS...

    So with the grant not approved what is everyone thinking about next year? ... I am a bit torn as I should much prefer to attend FAU but am feeling less than confident about my ability to be accepted next year and I do have a program for this August (the cost and location make it much less desirable though).
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    That's really too bad! I was really hoping the grant would be approved! :-( I guess I'll be moving to plan B and minor in Health Administration and reapply for next year because I honestly have no more classes to take. I've taken all of my nursing pre-requisites already ;-(. Well everything happens for a reason! Keeping positive and keep applying! FAU is where I want my nursing degree! I'll keep trying and hoping! Keep the faith everybody!
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    Hey everyone! I don't know if anybody is re-applying this cycle, but I wanted to reach out and say hello again! Let's sweat out the waiting game together
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    Hey gforge88! I just wanted to stop by and invite you to join the FAU 2014 thread. We would love to have the input from someone who has applied before and may have a bit of insight into the process.

    FAU 2014 ABSN applicants
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    Can anyone that is applying or in the accelerated program at FAU email me your experience, I would love to have some insight on the experience. I am currently debating which route I should take, considering that I am 27 and want to have a career I would prefer to take the accelerated program however I will not be able to apply til next year because I am one semester shy of having all my nursing per-reqs finished and about 30 credits away from having my bachelors degree.