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Anyone out there that is applying to start the FAU Nursing program in May 2013? I have submitted my application for the accelerated program. It is the only program I am applying for so I am really hoping to receive an acceptance... Read More

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    Thank you for the information you provided. I have a few questions.
    First, is the Orientation formal or casual? Should we dress professionally or casually.

    Next, you say that there is 30 hours of homework outside of class but that some classes only require a mid term and a final. By homework hours, do you mean, studying for exams? What other homework is typically assigned?

    Did everyone in your class graduated? Did any drop out?

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    Hi guys, sorry for the delay in responding. So, to answer your questions as best I can...

    1. What color Grey's Anatomy pants? Sorry I'm not sure. Navy blue, is all I can say. What I did was, I originally ordered the Meridy pant, hated it, went to a uniform store and matched the color, then returned the Meridy pants. The grey's looked just like them, but were amazingly comfortable.
    2. Did I know people who worked during the program? Only one person did I know of who worked during the accelerated program. She worked weekends and was frequently in a very bad humor! They will discourage it, and they are right to. It is really not tenable. Many people in the traditional program appeared to work. But the two programs are like night and day. I remember sitting behind a "trad" in class and she was shopping on the Internet during lecture. My eyes were bugging out of my head with incredulity!
    3. What to wear to Orientation? They should let you know. As I recall we were asked to wear "business casual."
    4. Did anyone drop out? Yes, I dropped out partway through the second semester, and another young woman, also from my clinical group, dropped out at the end of the first semester. Of course, if anyone else dropped out, I would not know.
    5. What kind of homework? Mostly test prep. The amount you are expected to read and know for the simulation lab and for the tests is phenomenal. But also you will be asked to write papers, research topics and present this info in group presentations, complete fill in the blank exercises, and study dosage calculations. If I try to recall a typical week it went something like this:
    Monday: 3 hr class starting at nine, lunch, 3 hr afternoon or evening class, go home, eat dinner, study until bed @ 11 pm.
    Tuesday: repeat
    Wednesday:Off (first semester only) study on and off all day, maybe meet with group & prepare for presentation.
    Thursday: Simulation Lab, from 9-4:30 or 5pm
    Friday: Clinical (just one day first semester) that means you are in hospital all day, 8 to 12 hour days.
    Sat & Sun: "off," meaning work in pajamas in home office. Meet my study group for 3 or 4 hours to prepare for the next test.
    6. Clinicals on weekends? We were told it could happen. Some wanted it. I did clinical during the week, however.

    While I'm thinking about it, another thing I wish I'd done before starting is to practice dimensional analysis. This is how they will want you to solve dosage problems. It takes a bit of getting used to, but does make the math easier.

    Regarding the uniforms--Go to Orientation first and find out what uniforms are required (in case things have changed). .
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    Thank you Adesh!
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    Just curious, how many of us are currently FAU students / FAU alumni?
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    Hi guys,

    Umm...there are a few things I wanted to mention in case they were if interest...
    The faculty are mainly wonderful but if you get ******** for lecture or both you may find her difficult, as most of us did. Lord knows she is a hard-working and committed teacher but she has an exasperating habit of speaking in generalities and metaphor that will make you question your abilities of comprehension. Ask for clarity and it only gets worse. Just a warning.

    Oh and if you take an ipad or laptop to class and add typed notes to the powerpoints that invariably accompany lecture you will be far ahead of those (like me, until I wised up) who insist on printing off the 30-90 pages of powerpoints you get for each class-- so they can hand-write notes in the margins. This is a huge time-waster and will cost a fortune in ink and paper. Go paperless and get used to studying material directly from the computer screen.

    Can't think of anything else but if you have any more questions let me know. Is the accelerated orientation coming up soon?

    Best, Adesh
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    Okay, folks...It's like this: I am moving to NC in less than two weeks.

    Regardless....I wish you all a happily challenging program, followed by a lucrative, rewarding career!

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    Hi All, Just came across this forum and loved reading all the connections being made between those who have been accepted into the program - and I'm so sorry to those that did not get in, don't give up! There are other programs!

    I'm currently finishing up the 2012 Accelerated class and am graduating next week. If you have questions about the program, ask me. I know many of you have probably already been to orientation, so you've got some info, but may have other questions you did not want to ask Dr. Dormire.

    One thing I did want to say was I think they are changing the uniform, so sorry Adesh, you may be out of luck. I just saw a colleague this morning modeling the new uniform for the staff. I would confirm with Dr. Dormire if you have not already. Use, but do not abuse our lovely Dr. Dormire - she will (almost) bend over backward for you guys and gals.

    Anyhow, let me know if you have questions...and good luck to all of you!!

    Best advice --> take it one day at a time and do not, I repeat, do not procrastinate!
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    Has anyone out there heard anything more about this possibility of the VA grant coming through? It would allow about 30 more students to start BSN program this coming Fall 2013. ********had mentioned it on this thread a while back but I have not been able to get any more information on whether FAU actually got it. I've tried contacting FAU but it's been difficult to get through. I know it's been busy with the new class starting in May. Any information would be much appreciated and congrats to all of you who got in... Best of luck!
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    @Dralas Dr. Dormire sent out acceptance letters to the thirty students almost 2 months ago, based on if they receive the grant. She mentioned that we would find out the beginning of May, so it should be any day now
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    wow - that's actually kind of discouraging since when I went and spoke with ******* she informed me that I was in if they got the grant... but that we would not know until end of April or shortly thereafter and not to be discouraged. I had no idea she had already sent letters, she never mentioned it.
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