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Anyone out there that is applying to start the FAU Nursing program in May 2013? I have submitted my application for the accelerated program. It is the only program I am applying for so I am really hoping to receive an acceptance... Read More

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    Hey guys! I just got my denial email . But its okay because I will have chances to apply to other programs. They said that they did not have any specific reason as to why I got denied. All the best to everyone else on their future endeavors and hopefully the people who are still waiting on their decisions get their emails soon!

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    I am shocked at the credentials of those that have been declined, I would have thought that with a score in the high 90's on the TEAS and a GPA that is the equivalent of an A ... EESH!!! SOOOOOO competitive, I knew that it would be, but I didn't think it would be THAT intense. All I can figure is that the school had to look at secondary criteria to make the final decision, because it seems as though everyone who received an acceptance letter has very similar GPA and TEAS scores. I'm wondering if the traditional was more competitive than the accelerated?
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    I was told that they typically have a lot less applicants for the accelerated program so I'm sure that means that the traditional would be more competitive.
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    So as the follow-up deadline approaches...have most of you responded to your acceptance e-mails? I sent one to ******* and CCed it to *********. Are we all just assuming that the rest of the information will be sent out on Friday after noon? I guess I'm just getting anxious because I didn't hear back from my e-mail.
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    I replied to the email and it only sent the email to ********. I have not heard anything back either.
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    Just a quick check-in to bring you all up to date and correct the rumors. Yes, the wait was difficult. There were two reasons that the decisions took as long as they did. First, we delayed any interpretation of filed until transcripts were given adequate opportunity for delivery to CAS and incorporation into your file. Determining how to connect your TEAS scores with your CAS file was tricky. I do have it figured out for next year, however.

    But I personally managed the Nursing CAS and sent out every letter individually; some of you were correct, I have many other responsibilities in addition to send out the decision letters. But, even more importantly, I wanted to be sure that the letters were correct, despite a typo (yes, I also found that much too late). So, I am sorry that I didn't get them out sooner.

    For those of you accepted, we have received your responses confirming your acceptance. Don't worry about that. We will send additional materials shortly.

    You were correct on your reasoning regarding the two orientation dates. We have found that it is better to have you attend in two groups so that we can get to know you better and you can get to know each other better, too.

    We will talk about the program changes when we are together. But, to correct some mis-advice:

    Last year we had a 753 applicants for the 2 programs and this year we had 698 applicants. In any given year, a good number of those are not prepared for admission. So, qualified applicants equaled: 104 for the accelerated group and 144 traditional program applicants.

    Now, big news, since this is the fastest way to share it. We are submitting a grant with the VA Medical Center in West Palm Beach. It looks promising that we could be funded. If it is funded, we will admit an additional 30-40 students to begin in August. This group of students would have their relevant clinical at the VA, expanding our student capacity. But, now you know the most significant reason for the delay in sending out the denials: there really is hope. Let's hope it works out!

    I won't be back here very often. I simply don't have the time. But, I do try to read the blogs fairly regularly!

    E-mail me if you need to meet with me to discuss your individual application decision.

    Dr Dormire
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    Thanks for the update *******!
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    Oh great! Thank you so much! This is all so helpful.
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    That is GREAT news! Thanks so much for taking the time to clarify some things for us
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    Hello all of you FAU Class of 2013 hopefuls! I was accepted into the 2012 accelerated program. I attended one semester, then dropped out during the second semester--it was just not right for me. My reasons for commenting here are twofold: first, I remember using this website to connect to other hopefuls in the months before I was accepted, and also being frustrated that I couldn't find any students currently IN the program willing to talk about what it was like. Although I chose not to complete the program, I hold it, and the faculty, in high regard, and I might be able to answer some general questions. Second, I have some uniforms (size small) in mint shape if anyone wants them for very little money (and they are pretty expensive). Probably I cannot sell them here but we could make some arrangement.

    So, if you have any questions for me...just ask. And good luck to you all.

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