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Anyone out there that is applying to start the FAU Nursing program in May 2013? I have submitted my application for the accelerated program. It is the only program I am applying for so I am really... Read More

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    wow - that's actually kind of discouraging since when I went and spoke with ******* she informed me that I was in if they got the grant... but that we would not know until end of April or shortly thereafter and not to be discouraged. I had no idea she had already sent letters, she never mentioned it.
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    Hey Dralas, the emails regarding the grant has not been sent yet, so don't be discouraged.
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    Hello, if ******* herself told you that then you shouldn't be discouraged. I really hope the grant goes through.
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    I called the Nursing Department last Friday and they said they have not sent any letters out to the potential students that are
    Waiting for the grant. Also, no answer regarding the grant yet so remain hopeful and prayerful about your admission to the program.
    I'm not losing hope or faith myself!
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    Thanks futureARNP7... that is good news!!!
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    I've never been so nervous about anything in my life, when the grant goes through we'll all share stories of how we were biting our nails in anticipation and how scared we were and when we graduate as nurses, we'll all look back and smile, and cry, lots of crying, but tears of joy
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    @phy I knowww it's nice to know that we all have company in this feeling! I check my email every 5 minutes! We all want this sooo bad so if it does go through, I think we'll be an even stronger class because of this grueling process we have gone through in these past few months! For now we'll just have to stay positive and nail-less!!
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    @Phy24 and gforge88, I love you guys enthusiasm in this waiting process! Continue to be hopeful and positive until the end!
    It will all pay off! May God bless us all with admission to the program. Those who are continuing to wait and hoping for the best! I trust that the few of us that are still waiting will receive great news! Don't lost hope, I know I won't! :-) Good luck to everyone of you and God bless!
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    Can anyone tell me if they accept online prereqs? I've been trying to contact admissions but am having issues.
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    I don't see why not, although classes with labs (A&P, Chem, etc) - would appear to be a problem. I would just input them into the NursingCAS anyway. You still have to submit your actual transcripts to FAU/NursingCAS anyhow. You have plenty of time since the application process for 2014 does not start until October anyhow. Sorry I don't have definite answers. I too, am waiting to hear back from someone (I've sent e-mails, and left messages) from FAU, but it seems they are not dealing with new applicants at all until after Summer. Good luck to you!
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    Hi Octobersong... it will absolutely be best to check with admissions in the fall, but to put your mind a bit at ease until then both my A&Ps (including labs) Nutrition, Algebra and Stats were all online courses and, although I didn't make the cut, my classes were accepted. As long as they are taken at an accredited college and are the correct course levels I wouldn't stress too much. Best of luck!
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    MrsLucky, do you mind if I ask what your stats were?
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    Has anyone heard anything about the grant?