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FAMU/Spring 2013

  1. 0 Hello Im relocating to Tally soon. I was wondering about FAMU Nursing program has anyone heard anything yet. I also wanted to know do the Hospital in that area hire Nurse Extern Student. Is it hard to get into FAMU. I read people got in with 2.8 wow. I still haven't did my Foriegn language classes.Im enroll to do them at TCC during the Fall/Summer term.Any suggestions on teachers for that. Also is the Nursing program there difficult to keep up with. How many days are they in school a week.What kind of question they ask at the interview. What area is quiet and safe I have a teenage daughter. What high schools are good.Please help!!!
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    @ericnekia, I am in the process of mooving to tally as well, I have visited the campus before and cannot wait to start school in January. Did you apply for the BSN program yet? deadline is past.
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    Moved to the Florida State Nursing Programs forum.
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    Yes I did but of course no word yet. I kinda wanna start in August 2013 because if I get in now I will have two weeks to move and my daughter take chemo treatments now and I want have enough time to get there and be settle for school so let's see how God work it out for us.