FAMU Nursing Spring 2012

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    So I know it's somewhat far out, but anyone planning to apply to FAMU's nursing school in Spring 2012? I'm currently AD USAF, but I will be separating VERY soon (yay! and sad at the same time ) to pursue school full time. I'm still a few classes short of my A.A., but hoping to have it by summer next year. Anybody else in the same boat? Or am I floating by myself?
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    Hello! Well i'm actually applying for fall 2011, just sent in my application today!
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    hello to you too! i'm actually still in classes, i have 3 classes left before i finish pre-reqs but honestly, now i'm a little worried abt my gpa. was the application process fairly easy?
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    Ah i'm sorry....I never received a notification that you sent a message. The application process was the longest one i've had to do. Give yourself a good month to make sure you have everything together. What is your gpa? And are you transferring from another school or do you already go to famu?
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    no, i will be transferring from a community college. my gpa is awful (more than 3.0 but less than 3.5 ), so i'm a little embarrassed to post it here. (i failed a math class last semester...that really hurt my gpa.) i've already started to get my stuff together, a lot of it though i'm just waiting to fall in that window that it has to be done in.
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    Girly don't feel down about yourself...classes are hard and in the end I'm sure you're going to make a wonderful nurse. I feel like you have a great chance at this school to be honest
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    I'm thinking of applying for FAMU for the spring too... I was accepted for spring 2011, but I had to deny it. Only because I was told I was accepted a week before classes began. For me a week was not enough time to get ready to pack up move to tally. But I am going to give it another try, have a game plan ready.
    I wish everyone the best of luck through the process.
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    Has anyone been accepted into Famu nursing program, If so what was your GPA? How is the program.
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    Hey did you get accepted into the nursing program?
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    Has anyone gone to Galen nursing school? Going to meet with them on monday...