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  1. 0 Is anybody applying to FAMU 2013 Nursing program. Do you know anyone who got in? Im relocating to Tallahassee and I got to repeat Chemistry, plus College Alg. and take Spanish I &II. All do those at TCC because it's cheaper any recommendations Instructors etc.. I also will be working at a local Hospital like Capital Regional any suggestions on a Great Hospital to work. And what's a Great community to live in area/apartments I have a 17 year old daughter need a Great school area.
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    Moved to Florida State Nursing Programs for more reponse.
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    ye but that school is exspensive.
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    I'm applying for fall 2013 famu bsn. I also have a daughter and we live in azalea place apartments. It's a great area! Any property managed by arbor properties is great, there's a couple in tally. I like our location though because its so close to governors square mall, target, publix, etc.