Fall 2013 FSCJ Nursing Student Hopefuls

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    Hey everyone! Wanted to go ahead and start a thread for our group. I've been following the spring and summer 2013 group a little and figured it might be a good idea to get focused for the fall 2013 group. I've completed all my prerequisites and took my NAT test. Got a 107 on the test and I'm sitting at a 93 will all the prerequisites. So I'm going into the application process with a 203. Does anyone know what the general cut off is? I'm a bit nervous but I'm sure everyone else is too. The only thing I haven't completed is the CPR. I read once that this can be done after acceptance into the program...is that true? Thanks everyone! Can't wait to start chatting!


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    Hi! I'm glad someone decided to go ahead and start a group for us! I've finished everything and just waiting to turn in my application. I'm at 203 as well! I can't wait to find out more from everyone
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    That's so cool there is a forum for the 2013 hopefuls. I just took my NAT test and scored an 86. With all my prereqs I will be applying with a total of 190 points. Im not sure if I should retake the NAT or be content with the 86? What do you guys think? Does anyone know what the cut off for points usually is? Thanks!
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    You must complete the cpr before you turn in your app. They just changed it. I have like 190 points also. I was planning on taking the nat one more time but forgot they were closed during spring break. I ran out of time on the nat the first time and caused me to do badly. I know the deadline says April 1 st but do you think they will take applications on the first?
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    April 1st is actually the first day they start accepting applications. You have until June 1st
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    They actually changed the dates. I received an email from mrs.james in January. April 1st is the last day for fall term.
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    Oh wow. Good thing I have everything ready to go.
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    Yea seems a lot of things have changed over the last few months. Good luck to you!!
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    Really? What else has changed? Thanks you too!!
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    You have to have cpr training before applying, application dates have changed for each term, if you did your pre req's at a different school you have to have your transcript evaluated first. I think that's about it

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