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Emigrating to florida!

  1. 0 Hi everyone, i have looked through the different topics but couldn't find the info I was after. I am currently working as a nurse practitioner in wales, uk and am looking to move to florida but know very little about working in the USA as a nurse or indeed the best places to work or live in that state. Would anyone local to the area be kind enough to help. I may have many questions over the course of a long time though!ThanksChris
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    You will get info on immigration if you post on the International forum.
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    Thanks for the response, I will do that also but it was specifically Florida I fell in love with so was looking for info on the best places to live and work in that state with a young family if anyone could help? Cheers
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    You may want to look into the ins and outs of licensing and immigrating first.Silverdragon gives excellent advice.You may find that due to retrogression you may have a long wait.Also UK training is different so you may have difficulties meeting requirements.
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    I think that currently Green Card processing time is about 5-6 years so you want to keep that in mind.