Edison State College admission (Florida)

  1. I don't know if I should put Charlotte or Lee county down as my number 1 choice!
    I have 81 points, I don't know if I could get into Lee county with that many points, but maybe have a better chance with Charlotte?

    What do you think?
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    Oh okay, thanks!
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    Quote from kelly1221
    I don't know if I should put Charlotte or Lee county down as my number 1 choice!
    I have 81 points, I don't know if I could get into Lee county with that many points, but maybe have a better chance with Charlotte?

    What do you think?

    Hi Kelly, My name is Holly Im applying to all three campuses. I have 78 points. I hope we Get in!
  6. by   e.marieray
    Hey Kelly and Holly- It cant hurt to try! I applied for the Feb 15 deadline in Charlotte. Charlotte is my only choice. I got a 96 on my HESI but I am currently taking Mirco and APII so I dont have those points to help me....giving me I think 86 or 87 points for my application. I am really hoping that 96 HESI score will help me get in! I feel confident though, because most everyone I talk to on the Charlotte campus has points ranging from 78 - 88 or so. Havent met anyone with admission points in the 90's here. Good luck to us!
  7. by   Hllyl09
    Someone I know got into Lee last year (Summer) with a 75 In the blog for 2012 A girl I talked to got into Charlotte with a 74! I know it differs every year based on who is applying but I have my fingers crossed! I have been working my butt off for this program for 2 years! Do you know when they are going to start calling the applicants?
  8. by   e.marieray
    Hey holly- I read about that 70 something score too! I think you have an excellent chance. Like I said most of the competition in right in the same point range too, so I think we'll get in! Fingers crossed. I got online today to see if anyone posted here about getting accepted. I've been checking my email constantly. Wendy told me by the end of feb we would get an email saying we were accepted and the next steps to follow. I don't know about phone calls because she disnt mention that to me specifically but I know they called people in the past. Have you talked to anyone who has heard yet?
  9. by   Hllyl09
    Im on here constantly too!..Glad Im not the only crazy one! lol Im comparing the posts I read from last summer. They all got calls near middle of March. I havent talked to anyone, except for you, that is for this application. You said that you have 2 classes missing ap2 and micro for this summer app? Im actually missing one myself, ap2. I hope we get in!
  10. by   e.marieray
    Yeah I'm in those 2 classes now. We are thinking this Friday we will hear the news. It's the 2 week mark and the last day before spring break. I bet they will want this behind them so they can enjoy break! So Friday is the day hopefully.... Ah! I'm so excited and nervous.
  11. by   Hllyl09
    Do you have a lot of people in your classes that applied? I had 3 in my class. I bet they will make us wait until after, Because they know how anxious we all are! lol I dont even know how many applicants we are up against?
  12. by   e.marieray
    In my classes I know of about 5 or 6 people that applied this Feb. From last semester I remember a group of about 4 or 5 that were going to be applying this year and Im not sure if they did or not. I am only applying to Charlotte campus, and I know they got about 30 applications according to rumours around here! I know some people who were more interested in Lee but have been going here for the pre-reqs (charlotte). So I have no idea overall how many applied! But I personally feel for Charlotte that I have a good chance because I don't think they recieved THAT many more than 30 applications which means most will get in. but that doesnt include anyone who put charlotte down as their second choice, and currently attend Lee or Collier. AHHH I am over thinking it i guess! I am just so ready to start. I have all my eggs in this basket and no plan B.
  13. by   Hllyl09
    I just spoke with ******* (Coordinator for Lee) She said it wont be until after Spring Break that we will hear back. I didnt have a plan B but I made one just in case.. It's called Plan B: Try, Try again. haha! I put Charlotte for my 2nd but you have more points than me so I wouldnt worry about me to much!
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    I am so glad I found this thread!! I applied for #1 Lee and #2 Charlotte. I can't wait to find out. My admissions score is 97. Having to wait til after spring break stinks. We were told at the orientation that it would take 2 weeks to hear if we were accepted to the program.