Edison State College admission (Florida) - page 3

I don't know if I should put Charlotte or Lee county down as my number 1 choice! I have 81 points, I don't know if I could get into Lee county with that many points, but maybe have a better chance... Read More

  1. by   franniecd
    I hope they start calling people on Monday.

    My paper is on Mitochondrial Complex 1 deficiency.
  2. by   Hllyl09
    Just a reminder... tomorrow is monday!!!! =))
  3. by   franniecd
    Anyone get a call or called the school?
  4. by   franniecd
    I just got the call! I made Lee day
  5. by   Hllyl09
    YAy! They have started calling! What did they say to you? *Nose nelly over here* I have not received a call yet. FINGERS CROSSED!
  6. by   franniecd
    Just that they were calling to let me know I made it into the Lee day program and to watch my email for further instructions. She said that they finalized the applicants on Friday right before spring break. I hope you get your call soon!
  7. by   Hllyl09
    Did anyone else get any phone calls?
  8. by   kla000
    No! I'm super nervous now...I have an 84 app score.. hopefully they call tomorrow!!!
  9. by   Hllyl09
    Where did you apply?
  10. by   kla000
    All 3 campuses. Lee 1 collier 2 Charlotte 3, you?
  11. by   kla000
    I'm sure it will take them a couple days... Hopefully we get in, I
    Know last summer 74s got in...
  12. by   Hllyl09
    Yeah I know someone who got into Lee last year with that score too.I just spoke to a lady in the nursing department at Lee, she said the person making the calls had to leave super early today. She didn't know if she had finished the calls for Lee or not and for me to call Charlotte. I did but no one answered.
  13. by   Hllyl09
    1) Lee 2) Charlotte 3) Collier