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I don't know if I should put Charlotte or Lee county down as my number 1 choice! I have 81 points, I don't know if I could get into Lee county with that many points, but maybe have a better chance with Charlotte? What do you... Read More

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    More applicants.. ught ooo. thats not good... at least not for me having 78!!! Now I have doubts.

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    That could mean nothing. It could be taking them longer than she thought to make decisions and go over everything- that doesnt mean you have less of a chance. And I cant remember who posted that they have 97 application points but I WOULDNT BE WORRIED! hahaha! Just assume you got in and move on! I cant believe we have to wait until after spring break! I really thought we'd know by friday because everyone including ***** in the department said by the end of february (2 weeks). Bummer. I am going to be on pins and needles until break is over.
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    Think they won't call until we get back from break??
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    Yeah I dont think they will.. if you look up - Edison State College Nursing Program Summer 2012 -
    Everybody on there last year didnt hear back until mid March. I keep checking my email everyday just to be sure though! I am so eager to find out. I cant sit still! Im constantly cleaning my house and organizing things just to keep my mind off of it. lol!
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    So much for enjoying spring break! I can't stand the wait!!! I've been passing time with work, surfing these boards and researching my paper for A & P II. I'll get a little studying done today as well. What are you guys doing for spring break?
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    I know what you mean! Do you think they will make the calls this week or next? Anticipation is killing me! lol Spring Break has been okay for me. I didn't do anything spring break like, like go to the beach or anything. I did manage to make it to the gym a few times tough! What is your paper on?
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    I hope they start calling people on Monday.

    My paper is on Mitochondrial Complex 1 deficiency.
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    Just a reminder... tomorrow is monday!!!! =))
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    Anyone get a call or called the school?
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    I just got the call! I made Lee day

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