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Hello all, I am applying for the ESC Nursing program for the summer this year, but I am nervous as to the points I have. I have calculated everything and I have roughly 85-87 points (most likely 87) but worst case scenario 85. ... Read More

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    Is anyone applying to the AP nursing program October 1st deadline? If so, how many points do have?
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    hey all! i know this is an old thread but did anyone get accepted for fall 2013??? i got my finalist email today! im so excited
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    Quote from WannaBNursey
    I just now found out that I was accepted to the Charlotte campus. I sincerely cannot believe it! I had a 74 and I thought they would just throw out my application. I'm so happy Ms. DeBona took out the time to send me an email to my personal email, otherwise I wouldn't have known to call her and find out. I'm in shock! Now all I have to do is get fingerprinted (again :icon_roll, I just got fingerprinted to volunteer with my church, but the fingerprints aren't reciprocal with the nursing program) and drug tested before next Friday. I'M SO FREAKING HAPPY

    You give me hope! I might hust apply to Charlotte instead of Lee. I only have 80 points total
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    Hi everyone...
    so how hard is the nursing program at Edison? I have my AS in medical assistance, but was really looking into enrolling at Edison (nursing program). I know I'll have to do pre reqs before I start the actual nursing program. Does anyone have any details on what else I'll be needing before I can start the nursing program ?