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Hello all, I am applying for the ESC Nursing program for the summer this year, but I am nervous as to the points I have. I have calculated everything and I have roughly 85-87 points (most likely 87)... Read More

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    Quote from Hllyl09
    I have already gone to Orientation.. Last Friday actually. Ill shoot an email to the instructor.
    SuperMehgan: Is Charlotte a long drive for you? I like In Buckingham. and I was wondering if I would be hating life if I went to Charlotte even if I was desperate. Also What hospital will you be doing clinicals at in Charlotte?

    Im full of questions. Thanks for being kind and answering them! lol

    I live in Port Charlotte, so it's in my back yard. I don't know where Buckingham is Clinicals are at Peace River and Charlotte Regional Medical Center, Fawcett Memorial Hospital and Cape Coral Hospital.

    Charlotte County is a very safe place to live, but it's pretty boring too. I'm a homebody so I love it here! If you take Tamiami Trail north from Fort Myers and just stay on that road, it's not that bad of a drive.

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    Quote from aaengland

    I am currently living in the state of GA & looking into the LPN-RN program at Edison, applying in October. Does anyone know how competitive that program is, not the basic? Also, does anyone know the scores that have been accepted?

    Thank you!
    The bridge or 'advanced placement' program is no where near as competitive as the basic program. I don't know the points needed, but I know some of these students and they told me that over 50% of those who apply get in. This is in contrast to the basic program where it is more like 20%. Good luck to you, it is a great program, I am going into my last semester.
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    Awesome. Im glad the Cape is an option. Buckingham is about 30 mins from Edison-Lee and about 45 minutes from Edison Charlotte. Fort Myers is pretty boring as well. Once you explore what we have to offer its boring the second time around. What did you get on your Hesi? The full 40 points? I have memorized all my roman numerals, proportions, and fractions. I just hope I can change improper fractions to mixed numbers and not get confused. Which questions in the math section were not mulitply choice, where you have to type in the answer?
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    Thank you!
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    Hi Everyone!

    I was wondering... are all subjects tested on the HESI at Edison? Including all the sciences?? What is the main focus of it??

    I appreciate any feedback!!
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    Also, how long does the basic program take?? I see it says summer sessions are not included... but in the evening class they are, so is the evening class actually shorter in years??

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    The basic take 2.5 years if you include the summer semester. As for the HESI, you are tested on biology, math (especially fractions and conversions), reading, language arts, and basic anatomy and physiology. I would suggest having already finished A&P1 and 2 or at least A&P1, because the anatomy section is difficult to understand without that education.
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    Make sure you get the study book. Although there is only one question on the test (so I hear) Have your roman numerals memorized so you can get it right. One point won is better than one point lost.
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    Hi all!
    It's nice to be able to chat with some Edison students. I am heading out from California in late July to begin the Collier campus program and I would love to meet up with some classmates before school starts. Any takers?
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    Hello everyone! Just wanted to say hi to the new students, the old students and the students trying to get into the program! I'm going into my third semester and I must say its a great program. I hope everyone is doing well

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