Does anyone know specifics about Allied Health Institute Fort Lauderdale RN program?

  1. 0 Is anyone in this program or graduated from it?
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    i am a student at the school mentioned and so far so good. The pre-req. classes are done online and some of the nursing classes are also done online. However, going into year two you have to do your clinicals on the weekends or weeknights. At times I do my schoolwork while on my lunchbreak. They mail you your books. You do one class per month. So two weeks into a course you are already halfway done. Cant complain.
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    I spoke way too soon. There is a new Dean Dr. Neely-Smith, she has completely changed the clinicals for the program. For the cost of 36000.00 you will have to go to clinicals when they tell you to. When I first started clinicals were nights and weekends. Not anymore. Please think of about this before registering.
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    Hi, I'm looking into applying to the program for July 1st. Have you started your clinicals yet? Can you tell me more about the program? How is it online doing the nursing core classes? Are the nursing classes all online? Thanks for your help and feed back.
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    Thanks for the advice!!! Doesn't sound so good.....
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    Is this the school on 441 & Broward? If so I inquired the other day in passing but I only asked about the time frame.
    $ fast! Check into Carleens or go to the doh.fl site to see approved schools. I currently attend Ruby's for LPN.

    Good luck!
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    hi ladylove82, how are you. I have a question to ask you. how can I contact you?
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    hello, I am currently attending. would you like for mr to help you?
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    Can someone advise on a good LPN to RN program in Ft. Lauderdale? My friend plans to move there next month and she mentioned Allied. I'm not sure if it's the same school.
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    Hi...Could you please give me some specific feedback on this program? I'm currently at Fcc and was thinking of transferring but I don't know how their clinicals work? I can only do evenings and weekends. Do they do that? Also do you feel like you're learning and that they care about your success in achieving your goal to be a nurse? Your help is greatly appreciated! !
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    hey lady love I am suppose to start this program in January 2015.. can you please let me know how the program is going for you
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    hey future how is the program going can you contact me to tell me a little bit a bout the program

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