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So I am staring the nursing program (ADN) in the next three weeks, I passed the teas test with an score of 85.3 (they only required a 60), they accepted all my pre-requesites from Miami Dade College... Read More

  1. by   Stephanie.E
    Run away now! This program isn't even accredited and lately in Miami hospitals won't hire you without a BSN. Do you guys understand that 60k for an Associates is way too much?! Yeah money isn't a problem now but what about when you have to pay back your loans?! Get ready to pay equivalent to driving a Mercedes or BMW a month. These private schools are scams. I am currently a nursing student at UWF, my BSN will cost me $0 when I am done thorough scholarships and pell grants. And my program is accredited by the CCNE. Don't rush into these programs because they promise you a "career" in 2 years. Take the time to go to a traditional school, your wallet will thank you. And what if you do go to this program and later want a BSN? You're s.o.l, you're stuck with a 60k degree that doesn't mean anything anywhere else.
  2. by   cmadden
    Sorry Jcast87.....

    Heres the info for FNU:

    Florida National University's Nursing Division has six licenses: three for the Hialeah Campus (BSN, ASN, PN), two for the South Campus (ASN, PN) and one for the Training Center (ASN). All licenses are issued by The Florida Board of Nursing, 4052 Bald Cypress Way BIN C02, Tallahassee, Florida 32399.
  3. by   SoniaReb

    In case anyone is reading this thread: I wouldn't be surprise if Annanursing12 is an employee of Dade Medical College. Some of these for profit institutions do send surrogates to sites like this one to play up their schools. Why would someone spend $60k for an associate degree from a school that is not accredited, when you can get the same degree from a Community College for a fraction of the cost? These schools are just a scam and unfortunately, a lot of students are falling victim of these schools. I think ATI is about to be shut down permanently and we will see many more going out of business soon. Most of the students that attend these For-Profit Schools cannot pass the boards, do not finish their degree and cannot get a job after completing their degree. Sad....
  4. by   reddgirl
    Again, do your research and do it throughly! This school is going to be closed in less than a year as two of their campuses are going to be shut down by next year March! Plus there are articles about the owner being involved in money laundering, fraud, stealing from financial aid and the whole 9! It is really a big joke. The NCLEX scores just dropped to dismal coming in at 38%! That's sad! These students can't even get jobs and they cheat like it's nobody's business! Poor quality of students but as long as the money is paid, the students get to repeat as many times as they want to. Decent faculty who come here, quickly realize its a sham and hightail it out of there fast! Heck, if you get the "right" professor, they will even sell you the test bank for a decent penny! Anybody can get in because not even English and Math are not a requirement for entry! The students are very disrespectful and do whatever they want and if the faculty intervenes, they get reprimanded! It is schools like this that make a mockery out of nursing! A real joke I'd say! The school is a laughing stock of nursing schools in Dade county. I would not take anyone who came from here seriously on a job and I am speaking from experience because I used to work here! I'm even embarrassed to say that! 😩😩
  5. by   reddgirl
    By the way, it is nowhere near accrediated! ABHES means nothing. A decent school that meets standards should be NLNAC or CCNE accredited and they are far from it. Very few ADN programs here in Florida have that and very few for-profit schools can earn that.
  6. by   Cubangirl2014
    Can you just please explain to me how do u know that the school is closing this year i am attending this school and i am very worried now thank u in advance for your answer
  7. by   nurseangelique
    @cubangirl2014 I am a student in Jacksonville. How was the precore assessment? Was it the hesi,tabe,or teas? Thanks in advance.
  8. by   Cubangirl2015
    @ nurse angelique i can tell you now that the pre core test was not those that you mentione in your post. None of those test. It was in the computer and had 4 portion english, math,science and quemistry. Math and english was not hard everything that we study in the classes is what you need fot the test so it was not hard ok. Anatomy part contains a lot of problem base questions abouth diabetes,muscles,i remember a question about diabetes,urinary system, there was some question regarding microbiology like diptheria - fungus ,they also ask about the cell,eukaryotic,malaria,staphylococci,influenza pandemic,endemic all those we did in micro classes pay attention to anatomy,micro and quemistry which is the hard part of the test but let me tell you just read carefull and you can do it was not that hard that i thought if you had any other question you are welcome to ask i hope this helps u good luck
  9. by   nurseangelique
    Thanks so much I will definitely study this items.
  10. by   nurseangelique
    Hi how is it going? Are you in the clinical portion yet?
  11. by   ex1140
    So how did you make out?
  12. by   nurseangelique
    I don't take my precore assessment until 5/28
  13. by   ThatsNice
    I am considering dade medical college for the LPN to Rn. Can you tell me anything about it? Also how much advanced noticed do they give regarding clinicals? The next class starts April 28th.