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Does anyone know anything about this school???? I am intrested in their nursing program (ASN) However it is VERY expensive $60,000 I am wondering if there are an graduates out there from this school that can tell me if its worth... Read More

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    my question is if i decide to do my rn associate degree at dade medical college....would i be able to transfer my credits to miami dade college or f.i.u so i can get my bachelors in the future?

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    Why, when new grad nurses can't even find jobs, would someone be willing to go into debt for $60K for a degree when you may not even be guaranteed finding work for a year or even two years after graduation?? You are INCREDIBLY foolish to consider going into so much debt for an associate's nursing degree in this economy! Don't do it!! They were foolish two years ago when this thread was first started, and even more foolish now, when the job market for nurses is even worse now than it was then.
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    No, gsamanez, credits from an unaccredited program will not be accepted by an accredited program. As I said elsewhere: The only for-profit school I know of in this area that has a regionally- and NLNAC-accredited ADN program is Keiser. They are quite expensive, though, but admint students each month, I believe.

    Even if you graduate from a program that's approved by the Florida BoN but not regionally and NLNAC (or CCNE) accredited, you probably will not be able to get an RN license in another state without more schooling and sitting for the NCLEX again. Your degree will not be accepted by accredited BSN or graduate programs either.a

    The nursing employment situation is not good in Florida. Do you really want to spend $60,000 on a nursing associate degree that you can't even use elsewhere? Even if you're fortunate to find a job after sitting for and passing the NCLEX, on a Florida nurse's salary, the monthly loan payments will be significant.

    If you're trying to find a job with Baptist Health, the big player in South Miami-Dade, you are at a significant disadvantage if you don't have a BSN (which is probably why their scholar's program is restricted to Barry and Nova Southeastern students (I think).
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    does anyone have any info on the mercy program? lpn to rn ?

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