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Hi All, My girlfriend is an RN in Florida. We are planning to move in together soon, but she has a very warranted concern about my recreational cannabis use. I would never want to do anything that I think may jeopardize her... Read More

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    She does know it's in the home. You just admitted that here. So your follow up comments to me don't make any sense. If something were to happen you think the court is going to believe that she didn't know it was in your home? Laughable. Just the accusation of illegal drug use at a hospital is enough to do damage to your career.'re not going to get a bunch of nice advice here on how to keep your GF from getting in trouble due to your pot. Most everyone on this board knows how much hard work and sacrifice goes into getting a BSN. For someone else to jeopardize your career so they can get high seems very outrageous.

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    I know the difference between "and" and "or" can be difficult for some people.

    "knowledge of the substance, knew the substance was cannabis, and had dominion and control over the substance"

    Because that is an "and", it means she would also need to have dominion or control over it. If she never came in contact with it, this qualification would never be satisfied, and therefore there would be no grounds to prosecute her.

    I'm not looking for "nice" advice. I am looking for facts and experiences. According to the law, she would be doing nothing wrong. And given that fact, I want to know if according to the BOH she would be doing something wrong.

    Please don't bother posting if you are just going to say something along the lines of "pot bad, hurt her, don't do it". I want to know why it is bad (for her) and have someone cite a regulation or some experience. I have seen numerous references about all the time nurses spent studying and working for their degrees and licenses, so please contribute to the actual conversation instead of repeating the same political and/or moral rhetoric that doesn't even address any of the questions asked.
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    You don't get it... I am seeing if it actually does have rammifications... if I actually am at risk. Does anyone know of a case where a nurse was arrested because drugs were in a house that he/she lived and how this effected their license?
    If I have any real reason to believe I could be endangering her, then I am going to stop using it.

    Have you worked with anyone in detox/rehab that only used marijuana, I'm guessing not. It is less physically damaging (especially when not smoked) than both tobacco and alcohol. It has less addictive properties than caffeine.
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    This thread has drifted into the legal advice area which we do not provide. You need legal representation to answer your questions, advise you and your girlfriend properly. Closing this thread.
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