Business transition into Nursing

  1. Hello Everyone,

    I currently hold a Bachelor's in Business and have no experience in the medical field, so please bear with me... I've been out of school for almost 8 yrs . This is something I always wanted to do but the resources were never there.

    I currently live in Orlando and I heard that Seminole College has a great nursing program that is also concurrent with UCF and Valencia community college as well. Is there any advice that you guys/gals can give me as far as where to start? Are these programs flexible? Does any school offer part-time RN degrees? Any advise would help.

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   winddrinker
    First of all, there is no "RN degree"....there is an Associate of Science in Nursing, and/or a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. "RN" means "Registered Nurse", which is a professional license that is obtained by those who pass a board exam. If you want to pursue a degree part-time, I would look into on-line programs, as far as academic classwork. However, once you are doing clinical rotations, your schedule will be determined by the program. Be sure the program you select is accredited by the ANA.
  4. by   atyrell
    Those colleges you asked about are only full time when it comes to the nursing programs. The only one that has a waiting list is Valencia and if you apply now you get in for spring of 2015. For Ucf their application for the year is closed, but I'm not sure about seminole.

    You should go to their websites to get more info. Or you can go to the information sessions the have which help a lot to answer any question you have.
  5. by   CP2013
    The PP is correct......Valencia has a waiting list, UCF is closed for this year. Seminole you can go speak with them I believe the deadline is sometime in March. They do two enrollments/year. You MUST attend an info session to get the information on the applications and the process.