BSN at USF or ADN at SPC a better choice?

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    I'm new to so I'm still figuring out how this works. I have a Bachelors degree in Advertising and just recently decided to go back to school in Spring 2013 to obtain a degree in Nursing. I'm trying to decide whether the Bachelors program at USF or the Associates program at SPC would be the better fit for me right now. It looks like USF has more pre req requirements before applying to their nursing program and once in the nursing program you take alot more classes than you would at SPC which is why you obtain a Bachelors degree in nursing versus an Associates degree in nursing if I were to attend the SPC Nursing program.

    I've heard that students who obtain a BSN at USF are very book smart, but don't have as much hands on experience. Where as, the students who obtain an ADN from SPC have more hands on experience but then I would have to go back to school to obtain my BSN.

    I want to take as many pre reqs as possible so that I have more options available to me when I apply for the nursing program, either at USF, SPC or both. I'm working full time right now in an unrelated field but I'm looking for a job at the hospital just to get some experience in the nursing/medical field while I'm in school. I've been told that all the Nursing programs are extremely competitive so I want to get A's in all my classes. I realize this is going to be a challenge but I believe where there's a will theres a way.

    Do you have any suggestions? Which Nursing program do you think would be beneficial to someone who will be working full time while taking the pre reqs? USF or SPC? Thanks so much!

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    Is there an ABSN program at USF? Many universities have accelerated programs for individuals that posses a bachelor's degree in a different field.
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    I am currently a USF student and yess there is an accelerated program here in which I would be applying for in Spring. Good luck.
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    Quote from shellyst09
    I am currently a USF student and yess there is an accelerated program here in which I would be applying for in Spring. Good luck.
    Hey Shelly,
    Thanks for the response. I was looking at USF's website regarding their nursing program and I didn't see the accelerated program listed. This is the website I went to:

    Is this the program you are referring to? After completing all the pre reqs you would apply to the nursing program which is four semesters long and obtain your BSN, correct?

    I'm trying to decide which program would be most beneficial for me considering my situation. I'll be working full time while taking my pre reqs and I want to be sure that my grades are competitive. Did you take all your pre reqs at USF?
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    I am a current USF student at the College of Nursing in the Upper Division program. Here is the link to the 2nd Degree Sequence.

    Admissions Requirements - Second Degree - USF Health - Tampa, Florida

    The rumor that USF BSN students have less clinical experience is false. We have a great deal of clinical experience and some of the best hospitals in the Tampa Bay area that our students are able to do clinicals at. Do we have a big course load? Sure we do but we all also expect it. With hard work, it can be done.
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    Hi! I'm a nursing student at UF in Gainesville but just thought I'd weigh in on the topic- I've also heard that BSN grads don't get as much hands on experience as ADNs. What we're usually told is that even if that's true initially, BSN grads tend to "catch up" with the practical skills side of things within six months of working as a nurse. I believe that BSNs also get a more well-rounded education and definitely get more employment opportunities when coming out of school. I've also heard that USF has more clinical hours that we do at UF.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks so much for the input everyone! I really appreciate the information. I am currently trying to obtain my CNA certification so that I can work as a CNA while going to school....I start next semester and am excited to get started! Happy Holidays everyone
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    FYI- after your first semester at USF, you are able to to work as a CNA. So if you get your CNA, try not to spend too much money on it. It is not recommended to work while in nursing school but there are students that do it. Considering that you would be a 2nd degree student, you will be taking more than a full load of classes.

    1st semester= 17 credits
    2nd semester= 22 credits
    3rd semester= 13 credits
    4th semester=18 credits

    At first glance, it seems like a crazy schedule. But many students do it every year. If there is a way that you could not work, it would be much easier on you.
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    I should mention that yes, you will bust your butt for your BSN at USF. BUT you will also have more opportunities with a BSN than a ADN here in the Tampa area. Many of the hospitals in the area are magnet status so having a BSN gives you a better shot at being hired at a top hospital in the area.

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