Brown Mackie College-Miami accreditation

  1. 0 I was recently informed that my college is not accredited by the NLN. Before I came to this college I did research to make sure they were accredited, and they are, by the Florida Boards of Nursing; but not by the NLN (which I didn't know is the one that counts). I was told that my credits could not transfer to other colleges, which is upsetting for me because I plan on continuing my education (currently seeking ASN). I was also told that I cannot receive employment out of state, again upsetting because I planned on moving once I graduated.

    The director of the nursing program said that we were going to be accredited after the first graduating class takes the NCLEX. What does it mean for my future if I graduate from a nursing program that is not accredited by the NLNAC but by the Florida Boards? Thank you.
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