Broward nursing.. Differences between campuses (North, Central, South)

  1. Hi! I plan on attending Broward college this Summer term, May 2014. I have done a lot of reading on regarding the different campuses. There seems to be SO many different stories, a lot of them bad. The trend seems to be that North is the best, Central is the worst, and South is somewhere in between.

    I'm closest to Central, but my location doesn't put me very far from the other campuses. I would like to go to Central because of its location & the clinical hospitals but the horror stories are scaring me! Is it really that bad?? BUT I've read that they have made some changes within the program, including the hiring/firing of instructors. Is that true?

    I'd appreciate if someone with recent experiences could give some feedback on there experiences!! thank you!!
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  3. by   DisneyLoveRN
    I work at Memorial and work with and know some of the instructors from South Campus. The ones I know are awesome, and the students I work with are great.