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Have been hearing that BC will be requiring math prerequisite and may be dropping Chemistry pre-req for nursing program for students starting Jan 2013. Please post any specific information you have received from the school. I... Read More

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    Im trying to decide between south and central. Ive heard south is easy and to stay away from central.
    Has anyone heard any horror stories from central? Cause thats what I'm leaning more towards.

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    I know two people that graduated from central and said they are good but strict.. i've only read bad things about central from this forum.. i'm trying to decide between north and south.. north because its closest to my house and i heard its the best... south because i would love to do my clinicals at memorial hospital. I'm leaning more to north...idk
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    Just got the email guys!!!!
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    I received mines
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    Its EMAIL TIME!!!!!!
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    Got my email! Thank you, Jesus!!!
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    Once you get your e-mail, be ABSOLUTELY SURE to reply to it before October 22nd saying that you will attend. If you don't, it is considered a forfeited seat.
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    See ya'll in November!

    Just another note: I had a friend who went to school for sonography. She said that academically she wasn't very good, but what really made her stand out was that when it came to everything "hands on" she was the best.

    If anyone didn't get through because of grades or scores, don't give up! Keep pushing and you will be able to make it!
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    prev. medical errors (hsc0692) isnt offered at bc before jan???

    The only one offered says "Course completely online. Meets req. for admit to health science programs for Radtech, Medical Asst and Dental Hygiene only. Stud should log-in first week of semester and read syllabus. Certificate of attendance will be mailed upon successful completion of all cs materials. If unable to access cs, please email or "

    Pre-Health Career Core required certificate courses: Are required to be completed prior to starting the nursing program. Must be Florida Board of nursing approved and have a FBN Number. The Basic Life Support (CPR) must be American Heart of Association only. The HSC/CAE Courses preferred to be completed at Broward college.

    HSC 0691 Domestic Violence - 2 contact hrs
    HSC 0405 Basic Life Support (CPR) - 8 contact hours
    HSC 0522 TB / OSHA / HEPATITIS - 6 contact hrs
    HSC 0591 HIV/HIV/AIDS - 4 contact hours
    HSC 0692 Prevention of Medical Errors - 2 contact hrs

    how are we supposed to take it.........

    I know there are shady online sites that say you can get certified, but i guess ill wait to hear back from chinara
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    You might have to hit up Miami Dade College

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