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Have been hearing that BC will be requiring math prerequisite and may be dropping Chemistry pre-req for nursing program for students starting Jan 2013. Please post any specific information you have... Read More

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    Where is north registration??! I need it!!! 6:30am to 7pm twice a week is that right? Ohh I was a alternate and thank God I got in don't lose hope alternates from other semester reading this! We all got in
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    I just tried calling north campus nursing dept but it either rings with no answer or a busy signal..
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    I tried calling too. No answer. Guess we will need to be patient. :/
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    I recieved only 2 reference numbers. For 6 classes? IDK?
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    FYI: CertifiedProfile for the online background check is $38, PLUS $18 for any county if you lived outside of Florida in the past 7 years. Cha Ching!
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    Hopefully this post will add to my "quality posts" and can elevate me from Bronze status on AllNurses.
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    Did anyone get the north campus email??
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    Nothing. I wonder what is going to happen if they don't send it by 8 am. How are they doing the first time come then?
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    And south hasnt sent it out either..
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    nope...only Central so far.
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    South cAme in
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    Finally got north
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    For some reason i only have north and south but not centrals. does any one have a clue?