Broward College starting Jan 2013 - page 32

Have been hearing that BC will be requiring math prerequisite and may be dropping Chemistry pre-req for nursing program for students starting Jan 2013. Please post any specific information you have... Read More

  1. by   wwick13
    anyone get the email about the orientation or classes to pick from? The meeting lady said our campus should email us?
  2. by   lex7626
    Not yet..i was about to ask the same question....
  3. by   leslie07p
    I was wondering the same... What campus are you guys going to? I'm still torn between north and central... Central is closer but I hear horror stories idk which one to pick
  4. by   lex7626
    I live like 15 minutes from north so thats where i want to go..its the closest to me
  5. by   begin
    No emails yet. I wanna go to north campus or central. I'm right in between, so I'm not sure.
  6. by   lex7626
    I wonder when they plan on sending these emails.. the day is half over and we are supposed to be registering tomorrow..
  7. by   begin
    still nothing :/
  8. by   begin
    Don't forget to pay the $29 fee on your bc acct, otherwise you will have a hold and wont be able to register tomorrow @8.
  9. by   MurseMike33322
    3:30, no email
  10. by   lex7626
    And she specifically said we cant use the search method to register..we need the codes from these emails.. sighhh
  11. by   hopefulpa
    they said the schedules SHOULD be emailed by 4pm today... 5 more minutes haha
  12. by   MurseMike33322
    Just got it!!!!
  13. by   lex7626
    I got centrals email nothing else yet