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Have been hearing that BC will be requiring math prerequisite and may be dropping Chemistry pre-req for nursing program for students starting Jan 2013. Please post any specific information you have... Read More

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    Book list for 2012-2013 I found for BC
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    For those who have been accepted for Jan. 2013:

    I need help! I can't attend the meeting on Nov. 2 because I will be out of town. I desperately need someone to PLEASE update me on the meeting upon my return on Nov. 5 or any day after that. I'm a baker, so I'm willing to bake you CUPCAKES in exchange for the information at any local Starbucks! I'll even buy you coffee!!! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!! I'm desperate. Email me

    Thank you kindly!!!!!!!!
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    CAE0617 is Prevention of Medical Errors. I was told that they were changing the CAE classes to the HSC prefix and I took the CAE0617 version because it was the only one that said it would work for Nursing majors (because it said it was acceptable for all except for massage if I remember correctly). I guess I could visit the offices soon next week and make sure that it is acceptable. I will undoubtably take notes during the session and be happy to share what I learn.

    Also, I would go in-person to ask the health admissions advisor what maths are appropriate. For me, statistics was accepted. Statistics is considered a higher level math course. I know that several of the maths are too low, but I can't say from memory which ones they are. Basic math would be something like Finite Math (I'm unsure of the transfer equivalent) and then you move up to college algebra, then pre-calc/trig, then calc. Statistics is seen as a branch of its own in the higher levels.

    Also-also, I received another e-mail regarding the orientation session earlier today:

    "We ask that you pay special attention to this important information:
    • Remember to bring a pen.

    • The session will last approximately two and one half hours (2.5).

    • Pre-Admission meeting on Friday, November 2, 2012
    • It will be held on Central Campus, Criminal Justice Institute (building 22), Room 136.
    • If you have not completed your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)—use school code 001500— to determine your eligibility for financial aid please complete before the Pre-admission meeting.

    All Broward College students who have not attended any classes at Broward College within the last academic year which is Term 20121-August 2011, 20122-January 2012 or 20123-May 2012 will need to complete a re-entry application to the college, if you have not already completed one.
    Please bring the following with you to the Pre-admission meeting:
    • A Completed Re-Entry Application to update personal information.
    • Two (2) Proofs of Florida residency.
      Florida statute requires at least two current Florida documents issued at least 12 months prior to the first day of the academic term. Documents must be valid and show the issue date."
    There is more to it regarding the types of identification that can validate residency.
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  4. by   FutureNurseS.Brown
    Hello to all and congratulations on your acceptance into the Nursing program. I have been lurking because I plan on applying to the BC's nursing program for fall 2013 and I know that figuring out which pre-requisites are required and which aren't, has come to be confusing for you all because it has also been very confusing for me, but I may have a solution to this madness. There are two ways in which I've obtained my information on what's required and what's not required: (1) You can log into your BC student account and view your degree audit and this audit tells you what classes you have to take and which ones you've already taken to meet the requirements for entry into the nursing program. (2) I live closer to South campus and I've been speaking with Mrs.M (since we're not allowed to name names, for specifics email me at Mrs.M is the lead nursing advisor for south campus and know all the ins and outs, on what's accepted and what's not, and she can also help you all with all this new requirement mumbo-jumbo. Sorry I don't have any information for advisor's at the other BC campuses, but the requirement applies to all BC campuses .

    That's all I wanted to chime in and say ,good night and good luck to you all!!
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  5. by   Getting To Great
    Thank you for the copious information regarding the math requirement. I have taken Mac 1147 in the past; and that is considered a higher math then Mac 1105 (which I am taking now). I want to drop it since area 5 considers Mac 1147 as acceptable. I hope that BC does not consider it as a graduation requirement. Also, I live in Brevard County so trip to BC will be difficult for me until I am able to request time off from work...Great Luck to each and everyone; and congrats again!
  6. by   YourSoulVain
    Honestly, I based most of my pre-reqs and graduation requirements off of what will be necessary to move on to my Bachelor's degree in the near future. Psychology, social sciences, writing electives, and statistics are usually required across the board. Getting them out of the way this semester opened up a lot of time for me in the future and helped to alleviate some of the stress of all these programs and requirements.
  7. by   lina_marcela07
    I'm very very confuse :S can some please help me out.. I got accepted into the nursing program just like you guys but i don't know what to do next.. What is the HSC certification and is it the same as the CAE? Where can I complete it? And I need this done before January 7, right?
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    Quote from lina_marcela07
    I'm very very confuse :S can some please help me out.. I got accepted into the nursing program just like you guys but i don't know what to do next.. What is the HSC certification and is it the same as the CAE? Where can I complete it? And I need this done before January 7, right?

    Look at your acceptance email, it says do all the HSC certifications( the cpr, dom violence, etc) BC wants you to take all these short classes with them. One hsc# has an option to be online aka the CAE#.....all this has to be done before jan. You should go see a counsiler.
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    Has anyone registered for the nursing classes yet for January ?
  10. by   Larimar7
    Quote from nicolettebarbera
    Has anyone registered for the nursing classes yet for January ?
    I read somewhere (maybe on this blog) that you get a password of some kind at orientation in order to register. Does anyone know how that works?

    ALso, I checked the classes for winter semester and have a question. The schedule fo clinicals are as follows:

    Central campus - 6:30am - 7:00pm T W
    North campus - 6:30am - 2:00pm T W
    South campus - 6:30am - 6:30 pm T OR W

    Does anyone know how it actually works? That's a big difference in the # of hours so I can't believe it's right...
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    We cant register for classes until we attend orientation and sign that we accept our seat. We will be given course reference numbers at orientation to pick classes,as well as what day we are able to register.. as far as clinicals, i am not sure about the times..
  12. by   YourSoulVain
    No nursing students can register for classes until after the orientation session. After you accept your offered seat, we will be told how to sign up for them. As long as you go to the session and sign your contract, they'll explain it all.
  13. by   Jpgalo
    OMG THAT IS ALOT HOURS! Especially since im new to all of this. This is going to be so much fun!!!!