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Have been hearing that BC will be requiring math prerequisite and may be dropping Chemistry pre-req for nursing program for students starting Jan 2013. Please post any specific information you have received from the school. I... Read More

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    Quote from sweetf
    I know if I'm accepted I will have a different registration date than the normal students. I just want to know that way I don't have to worry about it... Also January '12 they found out on the same day registration was open I believe.
    It just depends on the term. Every terms acceptance date is different. I know there have been terms that found out after the 30 day window had passed... With all the changes this term I wouldnt be surprised if we didn't know til the end of the 30 days at least. Just keep your fingers crossed.. I am hoping for a good outcome for all of us.
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    I'm getting so nervous lol. Somewhere, some lady is staring at my life on a piece of paper and deciding my fate. I kinda just want to lay in bed checking my account every hour until something changes. :O

    For those who get in, don't forget a notebook and something to write with when you go to your acceptance orientation within the next few weeks. I've heard from plenty of people that you should write down everything they say and make a calendar for yourself. They will tell you all about the program, the dates for important events, and the list of things you will need to do before you start.

    We have a long list of immunizations, drug screens, and background checks to go through. We're almost thereeeeeeeee. A lot of us will meet for the first time at the orientation so don't be nervous to say hi when you're there.

    I guess for now we should just get some rest and relax, which is near impossible for me lol.
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    Also, I wouldn't worry about the winter registration opening. No one can get into those classes unless they are accepted nursing majors so we won't be in competition for registration except amongst ourselves, to be frank lol.
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    I hope, I will get in. My HESI was in 90's and GPA 4.0... so I should get in.
    Advising told me today, that MAC1105 might or might not be needed for us to graduate. The answer will be known next week. I hope, we don't have to take it. Nursing prog. is enough work itself. Good luck to all.
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    I read a 2011 thread in which people posted their "pre-admission status" on Oct. 5. The website states that we'll know 3 weeks after the deadline (Sept.15), which means that we MAY know their decision by this Friday!!!!!

    God-willing we all get in! In Jesus' name!!!
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    Anyone attending central?
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    Does anyone know which hospitals each campus uses for clinicals?
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    Quote from lex7626
    Does anyone know which hospitals each campus uses for clinicals?
    South goes to the different Memorial hospitals and Central goes to Westside Regional and Broward General. North goes to Holy Cross, North Broward, and a few others I can't remember. I asked around a couple of days ago
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    Thanks Stephanie
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    Hi I'm a nursing student at North Campus. I know its stressful and nerve racking to see if you've been accepted. A word of advice if admissions say you'll know by the 15th you will know on the 15th and not a day before. Also if your not accepted don't. Worry they always do a second round of letters are sent out two weeks after the 15th. Many students either defer or decline their seats.
    When you do get accepted my best advice is buy th Perry and Potter fundamentals of Nursing book. Out of pocket don't wait for financial aid. Its a lot of reading in th program and if you can get a headstart then ready set go! It will be worth every dollar once you start! Exam 1 covers vital signs,health assessment,saftey,hygiene,documentation and nursing process! Told you its a lot! Get the book start reading you'll be glad you did!!!!! Another nugget of advice testing is not anything you've done before its all critical thinking! Do the review questions at the end of the chapters! good luck!!

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