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Have been hearing that BC will be requiring math prerequisite and may be dropping Chemistry pre-req for nursing program for students starting Jan 2013. Please post any specific information you have... Read More

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    Hi everybody! I finally decided I am going to apply for january admission to north campus. After the horror stories i have heard about central. North is where ive decided to go. Also the clinical sites for north are more appealing to me versus central. I have completed all the pre-reqs with all A's and one B in Anatomy lab I. I did not complete college algebra. I have emailed a lady from the admissions process to request that my chm1032 course be accepted.

    Shackna13- when you say chm1032 will be factored into the admissions gpa, does that mean college algebra is not required?

    I am waiting for a reply i only sent out the email this morning. Anyway im very excited to finally start. I hope to get in, the only left for me is the hesi. Im not to worried about it. I will just go over a few study guides to refresh my math skills and read over my A&P cliff notes handbook. I am curious to read some feedback from people in the program. More recent feedback. Ive read alot of horror stories about BC especially central campus, but alot of those postings are old and im curious if there have been some positive changes. Any feedback is appreciated!

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    Hey GreenEyez, did you ever get a response?
    I am in the same position as you, I have chm1032 but not college algebra. I would hate to have to keep waiting when I had everything ready (even the ceu's, hcp, hesi)
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    Hesi is not so bad. The math is basic but get familiar with the measurements ml,liter,gallon etc. There is a calculator on the screen to help you and scrap paper w/pencil they provide. Anatomy was not so bad. The reading and grammar is long meaning alot to read. You can choose which of each area to take first and second etc. Good luck. I want to apply for January but am in your situation about the math. I did take chm1032 online earned a B could of had A but I studied while taking care of my 3 kids.
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    Hi everybody! I did hear back from broward college nursing department. I was told that they would accept CHM1032. They had mentioned if i had taken all my pre-reqs at broward I would be allowed. So my advice is just make a phone call and double check just to make sure. I asked if i needed special permission to apply using CHM1032, I was told no that I should apply by Sep 15.
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    Hey There! What campus are you applying to? Im planning on going to north. Now all I need is the HESI! It sounds like you are in a good position to apply? How are your grades if you dont mind me asking?
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    I am considering changing my major from nursing to health information management. I looked at the course and it sounds more me only downside most classes are in north.

    I am a bit disappointed to find out that I didnt get in because of defer May seats. That is not fair considering all the fees paid which are non refundable.

    Only thing some the classes I took for nursing don't apply to H.I.M.

    I had applied to attend central campus but didnt get accepted for August.
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    Re-apply again or apply to both programs.
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    Thank you so much! That is great news! I started taking general education classes to finish my AA and transfer, but I am going to reapply since this is what I truly want.

    The HESI is very simple. If you buy the study guide you should be fine. I studied for a little over a week and I got 91% overall
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    I finally met with a central counselor and was told would need to take a math class to be accepted for Jan even though I have already taken CHM1032 and all the other pre-reqs, so i'm now taking mfg116 in order to meet the NEW requirements for next year admission. And was told that other math classes other than college algebra are accepted such as the one i'm taking.

    This just sucks - would not hve spent the money and time to take a math class in 6 week semester if could still use CHM1032. They are making a big mess for all of us....

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    Either way you would still need the chemistry to graduate; and the math as well. That's good your getting it out the way now rather then later.

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