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Have been hearing that BC will be requiring math prerequisite and may be dropping Chemistry pre-req for nursing program for students starting Jan 2013. Please post any specific information you have... Read More

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    I turned in my application at north campus on Sept. 10th, and it just changed to in review. I was awarded points for the pre-requisites, and broward county. No points for Hesi, it just says requirement met. No hosa awarded, since I didnt do it.

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    Quote from benincasa
    Did you use your HOSA certificate to waive the HCP course? If you did that is why your status shows denied pending department approval. I used a license I have to waive it and mine says the same thing. I called and asked. Admissions does not approve the waivers anymore and they have to be sent to the RN department for approval.
    So they told you that their no longer expecting HCP 0001 waivers anymore? Regardless if you have a CNA licence? I emailed them and I have yet to receive a response.

    Also, can someone tell me what is an SLS course; and what course number is needed to register for it?

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    So how many points do you guys think are needed to get in for sure ?
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    Quote from Juliansmom2011

    So they told you that their no longer expecting HCP 0001 waivers anymore? Regardless if you have a CNA licence? I emailed them and I have yet to receive a response.

    Also, can someone tell me what is an SLS course; and what course number is needed to register for it?

    They do still accept waivers.. its just before when u turn in ur application,the admissions person would approve it right away.. now it has to be approved by rn dept.
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    Also, do we get points awarded for our HESI scores?
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    Quote from javib86
    Also, do we get points awarded for our HESI scores?
    You don't get "points" for the hesi scores, they just look at what you got for each of the 5 sections and along with your pre-requisite gpa and point awarded they determine you eligibility
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    Mine just changed too!!! Finally in review! I just want an answer already!! Whos applying for north campus??
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    Hey, everyone. My name's Austin and I applied on July 18th for the January 2013 program at BC, hoping for North Campus. I know there's been a lot of conflicting information and I've spent the past few months getting as much true information as I could.

    First, I applied with a 3.57 GPA for pre-reqs which awarded me 11 points and an extra point for being a Broward resident. Although the points are not directly considered a factor, they still are because they represent your pre-req GPA. The pre-req GPA will always be used because that is the only way they can judge your abilities as a student. The points matter in a metaphorical way because they do no need to look at the courses individually, just a number that stands for your grades. To put it simply, 6 points may not be the reason you were denied. 6 points means you have a low GPA on the scale and that, along with HESI scores means that you may not be offered a seat. The GPa requirements for January (and on) program(s) is seen here under Generic RN:
    You MUST have an overall cumm. GPA of 2.5 or higher to even begin to apply. Also, all pre-req grades must be 3.0 or higher. You MUST have a C or better in all of the required classes to be accepted. The disclaimer shown on the application website is to remind you that just because your points are high, does not mean that you should get your hopes up about getting in. 15 points does not ensure a seat, just as 6 points does not mean you will be instantly denied. That's all they mean.

    Each campus has a limited number of seats available for students every program and they will no longer allow you to defer your seat to a later term. If you cannot accept your seat for the term you are offered one, you must reapply. All of the campus together choose the students to be admitted to that term at all campuses. Only once you've been accepted into the program do you pick your classes at a campus by means of first-come-first-serve. When you pick your first classes, you choose the class at the time and campus you'd prefer and then you must take ALL of your classes at that campus. You cannot change for the duration of the program. Let's say if 6 of your 7 classes are at North and 1 is only available at Central, you cannot go to North.

    The HESI is a standardized exam that all nursing programs require. For our school, we take 5 of the 9 sections of the exam. Your score requirement have also been updated on that link to: Reading 85%, and the other 4 must be 80% or above. These are a MUST.

    I was awarded points because I applied before they released the updated program requirements so I would not be worried that no points are there. As long as you satisfy all of the requirements I already described, you should be in the applicant pool. Just to be sure, go to (DO NOT CALL) the health admissions office, sit down, and wait to see an advisor. Before you go, write down a list of questions that pertain ONLY to you. Try not to ask questions about other students or your chances of getting in. Ask the most important questions and just make sure that your application is complete and in their system with no missing parts. That's truly what matters.

    The application period for January 2013 admission is closed. It closed on September 15th and decisions will be sent out to applicants within a month of that date (no later than October 15th, but late responses have been sent to some students in the past. Getting a denial does not mean you cannot reapply for the next term. Life is tough, but applying to nursing school is not the end of the world when you're allowed to apply an unlimited amount of times.) Everyone should start to check their BC email addresses about a week and a half before October 15th (let's say October 7th or so for good measure.)

    Lastly, to graduate from the RN program at BC, Microbiology and its lab, Psychology, and a few other general education classes are required. Meeting with an academic advisor to see what you have left outside of the actual nursing curriculum. I had previously completed Microbiology and its lab, as well as all of my other requirements except for Psychology and a writing elective, so I'm currently taking World Religions online and Psychology. After those, I have nothing left except for the program itself. I strongly suggest you take all of your requirements for graduation BEFORE STARTING THE PROGRAM. The nursing program is not easy and as such, you will not want to take a consuming class during it. Throughout the 18 month program, there is only one break of nursing classes and it is not advised to cram a GIANT class like Microbiology into it and have your GPA suffer.

    As for your limited application status as posted on MyBC, your status can tell you if you've completed all parts of the application. Log in to MyBC and click Limited Access Application Status on the home screen. If you have declared your major as nursing through the BC advisors, it should show Nursing in the box. Next to it, it will tell you your application status. "Pre-Program Application" means that no application has been submitted. Over this summer (since I submitted mine July 18th), they removed ALL application information from the website and then replaced the information manually later. For some, you will think that your application was lost, but that is not the case. Mine disappeared and I almost had a myocardial infection, but I physically went to the health admissions and they assured me it was still in their possession. If yours still says "Pre-Program Application", go as soon as possible to the health admissions department at your campus and make sure yours is there, in full. Once it had been entered onto the website, (MyBC), it should say "Application in Review". Just to make sure, click on the Nursing (2127) link and it will show you your condensed application requirements. All parts should have a green check mark, except for HOSA which will only have a green check if you completed the special program in high school. I did not do HOSA in high school, so my only red X is in HOSA's row of the graph.
    The HESI does not award points so do not be worried about that at all.

    I hope this helps. GOOD LUCK, JANUARY 2013 NURSES OF BC! Feel free to ask any other questions and I will be more than happy to help.
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    I got 9 points and a 95% on my hesi hopefully I get in!
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    Also, I think they are checking applications from the last students who turned them in to the first! Because me and my friend turned the applications in on the 10th of September and our applications changed the following week to application in review... Some people mentioned here that the status just changed and they submitted the applications by the end of August, so I don't think anyone should freak out because until EVERY application is reviewed they won't make a decision...

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