Broward College August 2011

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    hi guys, is anyone else working towards starting the nursing program at bc in august 2011? i am working on my last pre-reqs this semester (spring 11) and then apply and hopefully get accepted for the fall semester. i just took and passed the hesi exam last night and that is one big load off my back. i also started my hep shots since it takes 3 rounds of shots and a total of 6 months to be fully immunized. i want to have all of my ducks in order to start the program. i am undecided whether to go to south or central campus. any advise?

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    I'm also interested in applying for the fall 2011 group. I'm currently taking AP II and chemistry. I'm hoping for Central campus. I still need to take the HESI ....Did you complete AP II before taking the HESI exam? Thx and good luck
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    I took the Hesi last week right before starting A&PII. I just studied everything that was on the HESI study guide a little more in depth and that did the trick I am taking A&P II and lab in South campus this semester. I was at Central last semester. Right now I am thinking of doing Nursing at South campus since it is closer to my house. I am getting excited to finally be getting close to turning in my application!
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    Im excited too! I need to take the HESI. I have the study guide and will study for a few more weeks before taking the test. I'm currently taking A&P II and CHM1032. I'm planning to take the HCP class at sheridan tech since its online and only 3 weeks.
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    It sounds like we are on the same track I also did the HCP with Sheridan and it was great! Sweet, simple and to the point! I can't wait to finish this semester and be able to turn in my application. What campus are you planning to attend?
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    I am thinking about Central but really as long as I get in I don't care which campus I attend lol.
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    Hey I'm applying to the Fall generic program also. I'm currently taking Chemistry and the health career course. But I still have to take the HESI ahhh !
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    Take the HESI girl! I remember I was so worried and stressed about the HESI. Now that I did it, I feel MUCH better and can fully focus on my classes. I plan to take Micro and Lab during the summer. August is right around the corner
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    Ahh lool I know I have to take it! I'm taking Micro in the summer too.. but I go to MDC. Do you know if they've posted up when the deadline for the application is?
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    i'm planning to start in august as well. i'm taking a&p 2 now and will be taking micro in the summer. i already did the health core class and i need to take the hesi!! i haven't studied for it i think that's why i'm so nervous..

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