Brevard Community College Fall 2013

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    Has anyone gotten an acceptance letter yet ? I can't find much info about the Brevard
    Community College Nursing program.
    Thanks !

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    Got my acceptance letter May 10th. What about you?
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    I got my rejection letter May 10th. Happy to hear you got in. What were your points and TEAS scores ?
    I will probably apply to the Palm Bay program in Aug.
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    Sorry to hear that. I had 39 points and 88.1% on reading and 86.7% adjusted individual score. A co-worker of mine also got in. She also had 39 points and got a 92% on reading and a 78% overall. Good luck on getting into the Palm Bay program.
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    Hey there, I received my letter May 10th as well. I am currently on the "Stand By" list. Does anybody know if I still have a decent chance of getting in? I sure hope so! Congratulations to those who have been accepted already! I'm praying that I will be joining you in the fall and I should know by June 1st according to my letter.
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    Thanks , you had great scores ! Still debating about wether or not to apply to Palm Bay. I'm also considering the LPN program. I'm really not sure what my next move will be. Are you an X-ray tech ?
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    That's exciting , let us know if you do get in. I bet you will ! Good luck.
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    Good luck! Hope to see you in the fall. It just depends on how many decline and that does happen.
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    messagen, yes, I am an X-ray tech. That probably helped me get in also.
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    I got my acceptance letter! Woohoo! Can't wait to meet you guys. Unfortunately I will have to miss the orientation because I will be in Iceland for one last adventure before school starts.

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