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Brevard Community College -- ADMISSION (points) - page 2

Brevard Community College has very recently changed their admission criteria, and I am burning with curiosity regarding recently admitting nursing students. How many points did you have when you... Read More

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    I am trying to find anyone who is waiting to hear from Brevard Community College Fall 2013 Nursing program ?
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    Still waiting, too! Aaaararrrggghh...
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    Just wondering if you happen to know how many applicants there were to the Cocoa program ?
    I spoke to an Advisor and they were very tight lipped on info. I only had 31 points on my app.
    My TEAS score wasn't great , but I had finished all the pre-reqs so I decided it was time to apply.
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    I don't know how many applied to the Cocoa Campus. I only had 30 points, but a high TEAS score... but with 30 pts, I am not sure I am even competitive...
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    Nothing today
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    The waiting is killing me!
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    I know !
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    Still nothing
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    Hi, Bearcat41. what is the points? I am in Seminole college now. We count GPA, so I don't know what points is. Can you explain for me please? I may apply BCC this fall. Thank you in advance.
    Quote from Bearcat41
    Congrats scook1989! I will be joining you in January. I too was accepted and I had 35 points.