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Best school for Online Pre-Reqs

  1. 0 I am moving from Florida to North Carolina and would like to pursue a nursing degree there. I would like to start taking my pre-requisite courses (online) now while I am still considered a resident of Florida (it will be 12 months before NC considers me a resident).

    What school in FL (for online classes) would you recommend that is inexpensive and whose credits will transfer to NC? Any input would be appreciated.

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    Well I know alot of the community colleges in FL now offer online classes. I am in St Pete and I have several friends who went to St Petersburg College. SPC offers pretty much all of the nursing pre-reqs, including core science classes completely online. I would assume these classes would transfer, but I would definitely double check to be sure. Good Luck
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    Thanks LMT2LPN. I will check out Miami-Dade CC here.
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    Quote from Helioplis
    Thanks LMT2LPN. I will check out Miami-Dade CC here.

    I agree. Miami dade college is the best one down here in miami, just because they offer TONS of classes online, and even in the community. I took my english classes at a middle school & my science classes at a hospital (for convenience).
    I am sure that you will find all the classes you need there. and not to mention that they are a state school so it will be cheaper!
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    That's good to know BumblebeeRN. I had no idea you could take their classes elsewhere, thanks!