Becoming a CNA before I start earning a BSN.

  1. I work full time now, but to start earning a BSN, I will need to leave my current job. I will still need to earn money, and have considered becoming a CNA first, then working and gaining experience. Is this a good route or not? I will soon have a general AA, and plan to enter the concurrent program at UCF/SSC. Thank you
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  3. by   evansmum
    I would definitely recommend getting into a hospital if possible. Nursing school is demanding and challenging, but having your foot in the door of a facility is extremely advantageous upon graduation. I am a new grad in Tampa, and a former medic in the Army, and have had a hell of a time finding a position here. Many of my my friends who either went the LPN-RN transition route, or who worked as CNAs or PCTs, had a much easier time getting hired. There are a lot of places that offer accelerated CNA training, or you can even challenge the exam. I'd also call up the school you're looking to attend and see if there are neighboring facilities that offer scholarships--they pay your tuition on the condition you contract to work for them for x years. Best of luck!
  4. by   Tragically Hip
    "or you can even challenge the exam"

    I know of someone who did that while she was in nursing school, got good practical clinical experience, and was hired by the hospital in which she worked as an RN once she passed the NCLEX. It was indeed a good foot in the door.

    Starting off as a CNA sounds like an even better idea. Whatever money you earn means less in loans (or spending down your savings), plus your employer might have some type of tuition reimbursement program.

    Also, having an AA already, before applying to nursing school, is a good thing. Hopefully you completed all your prerequisites in your AA program.
  5. by   donnajae
    Thank you.